User, able to invite his friends/fans through a unique generated links

  • Tradly runs on Branch Metrics, which use advanced deep links systems to allow user to generate his invite links
  • Invite links can be used to invite his friends on multiple channels

Depreciated due to branch stopped it.

  • User, able to see how many people have joined the app because of him
  • Platform owner, able to reward users based on the new referrals they got
  • Platform owner able to encourage influencers/affiliates to use this link for promotions, referrals, etc to track the performance

Dynamic Deeplinking

User able to share his listings on multiple channels with web preview of the item and deep-links directly to the app

  • When a user share his item on facebook > Facebook will have unique preview of that listings (with meta information)
  • When any of his friends click that link > He can input his phone number to receive the app install OR
  • If the user is on mobile browser, The dynamic links will lead to respective stores to install the app
  • Once the user installs the app, she/he will be directly linked to the listing page instead of just home page

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