Ratings & Reviews

Rating and review feature that allows users to share their experiences and feedback about listings they have recently purchased, booked, or used.

Ratings is available on account level and listing level

Currently available:

  • Rating (5 Stars)

  • Type of ratings (You can change the type name on STRINGS customisation in SuperAdmin )

    • Fast Response,
    • Excellent Service,
    • Good Packaging,
    • Great Listing
  • Photos

  • Descriptions

  • Short title

  • The rating and review feature is a useful tool for:

    • Sharing experiences
    • Making informed decisions when browsing and purchasing items
    • Improving the quality of listings and services on the platform

On Roadmap Similar like listing attributes, Platform owner can design what sort of informations you wants to collect from the user on the rating and review page

  • Configure the above informations to be optional or mandatory
  • Activate/Deactivate the above attributes from SuperAdmin panel
  • New attributes can also be added from the SuperAdmin panel.

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