Looking to build your partner portal with directory and partner specific pages for your SaaS business? Tradly provides a headless API and Open source templates to launch your partner directory and growing an ecosystem around it.

Building a defensible moat among the competition is hard

With so much competition in every side of the business, it’s hard to build a sustainable price.

  • Price wars
  • Features to features matrix comparison
  • Brand Popularity & Distribution

It’s hard to compete in the ever growing SaaS wars, so how do we handle the sitautions? Build partner alliance, ecosystem, service providers network, etc around the brand can help your brand sustain. Until you take care of the partners, the partners will take care of your clients. Simple as that.

It’s easy to launch a portal using Tradly but growing the partner ecosystem is a time take process, it evolves and gradually grows. If you have already a network of partners working on silo, then it must be easy to start and launch with a bang!

Shopify Appstore
Shopify Appstore

FIND LIVE DEMO: https://saaspartners.tradly.co/

Purpose of Partner Ecosystem

There must be a purpose behind why you are launching this and strategic goals. And this must be aligned with management, partnership team, channel managers and developer team.

You could evolve your partner portal based on your business needs and the signals you get from this mini launches.

PHASE1 - Information PHASE2 - Community PHASE3 - Commerce
Expert directory, Information based directory, Portal and Pages Ratings, Reviews, Partner Messaging Transactions, Subscription, Installing App
Zapier Expert Directory Wordpress.org ecosystem with review system Github and Atlassian Marketplace with Commerce

Use Cases how you can use Tradly - Partner Portal

1. App Store

  • Partners who are building applications, software, add-ins, plugins, extensions on top of your product.
  • Example: Shopify Store, Hubspot, Intercom store, The big 5 appstores, etc.
  • Driven by: Product Managers, Product Marketers & Developer Relations

2. Service Directory

  • Deliver value added, outsourced IT services, integrations support, custom feature building services.
  • Example: SAP, Oracle Partners

3. Experts Directory

4. Reseller Directory

  • Resell or distribute your software or hardware products.or build a channel through recruitment, development and enablement to reach customers at scale.
  • Also called as System integrator “SI”

5. Developer Marketplace / Portal

Developer portals need more technical integrations. However this technical part where a users need to INSTALL app process happens mostly in the core product via webhook. So a directory can be served as merchandising solution

Example: Github Developer Marketplace https://github.com/marketplace/imgbot

6. Hardware Partner Networls

Companies that you recommend or approve who has certain standard in their hardware product that support your business.

  • Manufacture devices like POS, sensorts, trackers, etc

DREAMS becomes Reality when you START

Tradly pricing is simple and starts with ZERO, you pay only when you grow

Example of Partner Portals and App Marketplaces


Shopify Appstore
Shopify Appstore
Shopify Appstore
Shopify Appstore

Github Marketplace

Intercom App Store
Intercom App Store
Intercom App Store
Intercom App Store
Slack Appstore

DREAMS becomes Reality when you START

Tradly pricing is simple and starts with ZERO, you pay only when you grow