This page covers the different types of platform apps available for you to choose, the difference between them, and when you need to consider each of these solutions. 

Tradly Platform

Platform use cases such as marketplaces, commerce, directories, app stores, etc. The full package solution comprises the Android mobile app, iOS mobile app, web app, and superadmin dashboard access. 

Tradly Fleet

On-demand delivery, and fleet management (like in recycle) are two examples of fleet use cases.

Read more about it here


A SuperAdmin Dashboard is the platform owner’s dashboard, one with a more straightforward interface for monitoring platform performance, configuring the platform information and more.

  • To empower the non-technical platform owners and take fast actions, you can use the SuperAdmin Dashboard to achieve partial configurations of the platform features. We have configs for most of the things.

  • API solution comes with SuperAdmin Panel access.

Tradly Headless API

Tradly API is an API-first headless platform which will provide backend business logic and a system for developers to build front apps on top of it. 

Front-end apps have some crucial features, including but not limited to, mobile apps, web apps, POS, digital boards, etc.

You need to have developers with strong technical knowledge to use the API product. (Only recommended for technical founders)

Website Templates

Website templates are hosted(under Tradly) website templates built on top of the Tradly Headless API. They are a good start for someone to start launching their idea. More of it’s FAQ at

Web Editor 

The Web editor is modelled after most website customizers, in which you can make changes to the templates in both preview and live mode. It provides an easy way to visualise what you are changing. 

Some web templates are available as Open Source

App Templates

App templates are one of our first products, which were built to speed up the launch of entrepreneurs. There are many apps pre-built we have released and available for you to test. You can find them at

Some mobile pre-built templates are [Open Source] (

Why did we start the Tradly API? 

As a platform-thinking company, we need to be open ourselves. Creativity is everywhere, and it is powerful if we harness it. There are great people out there who can build different use cases on top of our core API, so we want to open our API. 

Also, the type and number of devices/displays exposed to users is increasing. The world has changed from a single device to multiple devices (Laptop, Phone, Tablet, Smartwatch, etc.). And it doesn’t seem to be stopping with 5G and IoT penetration. 

If you want to build a future solution, you need all these capabilities and are working towards that. 

At any point in time, whether you are using our full package or ala carte solution, one can use our API to build a product for many use-cases. That’s how versatile the Tradly ecosystem is.

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