Testing the app has two different methods based on the stage you are

  1. SANDBOX: Apps: This is a test mode. You can test the admin functionality in SuperAdmin test mode. And use the Tradly Platform Apps in Playstore and Appstore for SANDBOX data testingapp

Web: There is no web URL for sandbox

  1. PRODUCTION: Web: This is a live mode. You can use the preview domain under tradly.co for you to see your website. or add your custom domain. Suitable who look for simple approach.

Apps: There is no apps for production data. You need to subscribe for a business plan to get a production apps.

Accessing/Using your Android App

  • Download Link: Tradly Platform Android
  • You can download the app using the above link in your android device and enter your tenant ID/appname.

Accessing/Using your iOS App

  • Download Link: Tradly Platform iOS
  • You can download the app using the above link in your iOS device and enter your tenant ID /appname.

Items needed to test

  1. SuperAdmin account.
  2. Android App Download OR
  3. iOS App Download OR
  4. [Fork open-source apps here][(https://github.com/TRADLY-PLATFORM/)]

Things to remember

  • In sandbox Apps (which you downloaded and named as TradlyPlatform). You will not get OTP phone verification, and you just need to use 123456. For E-Mail based registration, Use legit emails because you will receive OTP in email.
  • Hence, you can create as many new accounts. Log out > Signup > And experience from different user perspectives.
  • You need to do user registration TO open a store/account TO submit a listing. So, it’s a 2 level stages. Not all users would need it, but a seller would need it.
  • When there are no categories are created in SuperAdmin panel, you will find the homepage empty as well. And you can’t view listings, as you need to navigate through categories.
  • When there is no accounts(called as Stores in Fashion marketplace) and your marketplace is new, you will not find widgets(follow store/accounts) in home page. Also, you cannot follow stores. Hence, social feed will be empty.
  • When there is no promo banners are created in your SuperAdmin panel, you will not find it in app home page. So, again, it will feel empty.
  • Your searches will not work if there are no listings
  • You cannot use chat function if there are no listings, as Chats are initiated through listings

Hence, spend time to registering dummy users, open accounts/stores, submit listings, etc. If you want to skip all process, you can simply use ‘tradlysocial’ as a tenant without superadmin access and experience the front end app.

Things that cannot be tested in Sandbox

  • 3rd Party tools settings like branch, firebase (So it will use our internal tools to provide the feature working)
  • App Icons

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