Tradly provides an inventory feature that allows accounts to add and manage the stock of their listings. This feature is useful for keeping track of physical goods, such as products in a store, or virtual goods, such as tickets to an event.

With the inventory feature, accounts can:

  • Add the number of available items or tickets for a listing
  • Set the maximum number of items or tickets that a buyer can purchase
  • Decrease the number of available items or tickets when a purchase is made

The inventory feature is also available at the variant level, allowing accounts to manage stock for different variations of a listing. For example, an account selling t-shirts may have different sizes and colors available as variants, and can use the inventory feature to track the stock for each size and color.

By using the inventory feature, accounts can ensure that they do not oversell a product or event ticket, and can easily track the remaining stock of their listings.

Crowdfuding Example

For crowdfunding platforms to limit the number of minimum or maximum stocks a user can invest in a campaign.

For example, a campaign owner can set the minimum investment to be 10 stocks and the maximum investment to be 100 stocks.

When users make a pledge, the stock levels will decrease and only the balance will be shown to other users. This helps campaign owners to track the number of investments and manage their campaign effectively.

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