Checklist - Mobile apps managed by Tradly

Find the information on how we deploy different Tradly Platform products into different tech stacks and list of activities you as a platform owner need to do and other information from sandbox stage to production.

:::important This below information are applicable only if you need Tradly or it’s Partners to customise and launch your mobile apps. This is not for Headless API subscribers. ::: Plus, below are the mandatory things that needed from you for us to prepare an app build/bundle

1. Superadmin

Every platform owner whichever the products you subscribe from us will have SuperAdmin access. SuperAdmin Panel helps you to configure different settings of your apps and API in a user-friendly way without coding involved.

SuperAdmin panel, not hosted anywhere but in our servers. Hence, you will be accessing the production superAdmin panel from this link (htttps://

2. Google PlayStore

Launching your apps in Google PlayStore through our managed apps will have this list of steps.

  1. You’re buying a Google Play Developer Licence in this link : (Play publish account and not developer account)
  2. Create your first app in Google play publish
  3. You’re providing access to Google Play access to Tradly tech team. The team will send you the email address as we need to do below activities. Admin level access should be needed for the first release, later you can change to Developer only access.
  4. Filling the information like favicon, name, Privacy URL, etc under Superadmin is mandatory step before we go for “production app” creation.
  5. You can fill the “Store Listing” fields also under Store Presence
  6. APK Upload process: We Download & upload the SigningKey for your app, a mandatory process for Google. Read more here on why it’s needed.
  7. Our team can upload the app under your account
  8. Wait for review, and resolve any issues if highlighted by Google
  9. Let you know once it is approved.

:::important Timelines

  • Time taken to get a Google Play licence: Instant
  • Google Play licence: $25 per year and paid by you
  • No, of days Google takes to approve your app: 5-10 Working days
  • No, of days Google takes to approve your app updates from initial release: 3-5 working days. :::

3. Apple App Store

Launching your apps in Apple App Store involves more process than Google Play-store. Our launch time depends on this process.

  1. Buy Apple Appstore developer licence
  2. Admin level access to Tradly Team for the first release, later you can change to developer only access (The team will send you the email address). Read different access level control here:
  3. If you are not enrolled as an organisation, then we need your time to set up a call to get the provisioning certificates for our developers to send the build to be updated in Appstore for you to review. (So if you have registered as a company, suggest signing up as an organisation)

“If you’re enrolled as an organisation, you have the option of adding additional members to your team. The role you assign them controls access to the development(including certificate creation) and distribution tools included with your membership.”

:::important Timelines

  • Time taken to get Apple licence: Depends on and involves DUNS verification. (5-10Days)
  • Apple licence: $99 per year and paid by you
  • No, of days Apple takes to approve your app: 5-10 Working days
  • No, of days Apple takes to approve your app updates from initial release: 3-5 working days. :::

4. 3rd Party Tools Signup

We provide free add on otherwise called 3rd party tools and utilities implemented for you. So, you don’t need to worry about implementing marketing, tracking tools, etc.

Read the integrations’ section for step by step information on how to signup and set up the accounts.

Below is the list

  • Firebase
  • AppStore access (Admin)
  • Appstore team ID ( )
  • Plist from Firebase for AppStore
  • Android access ( )
  • Android keystore config(first name, last name, organisation)
  • Stripe access
  • Stripe Standard or Express (Decision)

5. Media Assets

Free resources:

6. Text Strings.

(applicable for multi-language apps)

  • You can directly change the app strings from Superadmin > App strings

7. Company Details for app

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