Welcome to Tradly, the online software that helps you launch your own e-commerce website and sell your products from Malaysia to buyers around the world. With our platform, you can create a professional website and start selling directly to customers, cutting out the middlemen and setting your own prices.

As a leading player in the electronic and related industries, Malaysia has a strong position in the global economy. With a trade value of over 100 billion dollars, Malaysian manufacturers have the opportunity to reach international buyers and sell their products on a global scale. By launching an e-commerce website with Tradly, you can tap into this potential and sell your products directly to customers around the world. Our software is easy to use and includes features like product listings, payment processing, and customer management, so you can focus on building your business and reaching new markets.

Why Choose Tradly?

  • Launch your own e-commerce website: With Tradly, you have all the tools you need to create a professional website for selling your products from Malaysia. Our software is easy to use and includes features like product listings, payment processing, and customer management.

  • Reach a global audience: Malaysia’s electronic and related industries have a trade value of over 100 billion dollars. By launching your own e-commerce website with Tradly, you can reach international buyers and increase your sales. You can sell products such as semiconductors, broadcasting equipment, industrial printers, computers, office machine parts, electrical machinery, air conditioner parts, electrical control boards, telephones, video displays, microphones and headphones, electric batteries, electric heaters, video displays, domestic electric housewares, radio receivers, printed circuit boards, centrifuges, air pumps, valves, rubber apparel, seats, aircraft parts, and more.

  • Set your own prices: You are in control of the pricing for your products on Tradly. You can set prices that reflect the quality of your products and the value you offer to customers.

  • Direct sales: By selling directly to customers, you can cut out the middlemen who can drive down prices and take a large percentage of the profits. With Tradly, you have more control over the market and can keep more of the money you earn from your products.

  • Promote your brand: With Tradly, you can create a professional website that showcases your brand and products. You can use our software to build your brand and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Join Tradly today and start building your own e-commerce website for selling your products from Malaysia to buyers around the world!

It’s easy to launch your store with Tradly

  • Register for free & Pay as you grow
  • Customise your template with simple toggle & form based input
  • Add Integrations without any code or technical implementations

Stripe and BillPlz For Malaysia

Tradly is proud to offer integration with Stripe and BillPLZ, two of the leading payment gateways for online transactions. With these integrations, you can easily accept payments from customers around the world and expand your business internationally.

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Free Online Store Templates

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Setting Up Store


Add Products

Write your product title and description. Upload product photos or other media. Set your price, Setup Stocks limit.

Activate Payment gateways

We support multiple payment gateways. If you are interested in implementing a custom payment gateways, let us know in the contact form.

Activate Shipment options

  • Pick up at source

  • Delivery/Pick up at Storage Points

  • Delivery at Destination

  • Delivery

Add your custom domain

Your store is ready to start making money 🚀

Customising Store


For a start, get started with a simple one, so you can focus on important aspects of the business.


Add your branding (Set your colours, typography, and other theme settings)


  • Business crucial pages like about us, FAQ, Privacy, Terms, contact us page, etc can be created

Advanced Features


Product Collection

Organise your products into collections (Thematic, promotional, season etc)

Taxes (Advanced)

  • Discounts
  • Mini-tools (QR Code Generator, Barcode Generator, Short Link generator, UTM Generator)

Product Types

  • Items with Variances
  • Items with Bundles Read more about Variation Here.

Advanced Rules

  • Limit number of items purchased on platform level (Stocks, Ticket Limits)
  • Limit number of items purchased per user
  • Limit Minimum Price, Minimum Quantity, Maximum Quantity
  • Limit minimum total order size on Payment method level

Read more about how to use this rules here

Learn more about shipping methods.

Custom Fields (Attributes) for Product descriptions & Filters

You can easily add custom fields for your product adding page. And it can be customised to be shown on listing category level.

Learn more about here

Monitoring Business

  • Inventory report
  • Sales report

Growing your Store

  • One of the core advantages of Tradly is our inbuilt SEO functionality, which helps you optimize your website for search engines and achieve a higher ranking in international search results. With our software, you can easily add keywords, titles, and descriptions to your website’s pages and products, making it easier for customers to find you online.


On top of Tradly Free Creator tools. You can add 3rd party apps inside your store for further faetures.


SEO (Structured card image) & Search engine listing preview,

Email Tools

Integrating your online store with Marketing Tools (especially Mailchimp for emails)

Advertising Tools

Your hosted website can add integrations to run ads. Example: Facebook Pixel, Google Ads Conversion Pixel can be added through Native integrations. or you can use Google Tag Manager integration to do advanced pixel placement in specific pages or custom trigger condition.

Analytical Tools

Connect with Analytical Tools (like Google Analytics)

Feedback & Survey Tools

Connecting with Feedback & UX monitoring tools (like Hotjar, clarity) (By default, we have feedback form)

Promotion / Popup tools

Connecting Promotion / Popup tools

Advanced Growth Tactics

  • Increase AOV by setting up minimum purchase
  • Create Collection pages to get more exposure in Google Search results or thematic celebrations.

Scaling your Store


Established and looking to expand & Scale?

  • Fleet Management System to manage your own deliveries thus reducing cost and providing end-to-end delightful experience for your customers
  • Mobile Apps for your customers, so they can be in touch with you everyday
  • Additional Integrations on backend level (Via API and Webhooks) to support with your internal systems