An user who wants to have social media styled social feed where they can see the listings, follow stores and discover trending accounts/profiles/stores

An important part of social marketplace platform is social features where you have many engagement generating features. Things like likes, follow, chat, etc can create more engagements between different users in the app instead of just browsing different listings.

Currently available ,

  • Like listings
  • Follow accounts
  • Chat with accounts
  • User Ratings
  • User Reviews
  • Wish list (private)
  • Groups (Alpha release)

On Roadmap

  • Comments on listings level
  • Wish list (public)
  • Stories like instagram

Wishlist / Bookmarks / Save Listings / Favourites

User able to add an item to his Wishlist (also called as bookmarks, save, favourite) to refer that in future for further actions

  • When a user like a listing from any place while he discover, it’s get added to his wish list.
  • Like/Unlike activates/deactivates the item to be in wish list.

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