Our platform includes a range of social features that help to generate engagement between users and facilitate communication and interaction. These features include:

  • Liking listings: Users can like listings to show their appreciation or interest in a particular item.

  • Following accounts: Users can follow other accounts to stay updated on their activity and see their listings in their feed.

  • Chatting with accounts: Users can chat with other accounts to ask questions, make offers, or simply communicate with each other.

  • User ratings and reviews: Users can rate and review each other based on their experiences with a particular account or transaction.

  • Wish lists: Users can add items to their wish list (also known as bookmarks, saves, or favorites) to refer to them in the future for further actions.

  • Groups: (Alpha release) Users can join or create groups to discuss specific topics or interests with like-minded individuals.

On the roadmap, we have plans to add additional social features, including:

  • Comments on listings: Users will be able to leave comments on individual listings to share their thoughts or ask questions.

  • Public wish lists: Users will be able to make their wish lists public, allowing others to see the items they are interested in.

  • Stories: Similar to Instagram, users will be able to create and share stories featuring their listings or other content.

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