Do you have a lot of integrations with your tool or Are you expecting to provide self-serve options for your platform to onboard partners?

Every notable tech company, whether it’s a big player like Microsoft or a growing platform like Intercom, has a Partner Page to onboard their partners.

When a company is growing, partners are like customers. Similar to how you would acquire customers and provide the best experience for them to make purchases, you can provide a partner portal for them to onboard themselves and manage their profiles.

Allowing partners to take control of their pages increases ownership of the product and also the amount of effort they put into those pages.

How to build a Partner Page using Tradly?

Free Partner Portal Templates

Tradly provides free pre-built templates that are focused towards Partner Portal and other use cases. Here is one template that is focused on it.

  1. You can duplicate the template
  2. Use No-code Editor to customise the Template Further(All CSS styling Options available)
  3. The Partner level (the marketplace) features can be managed via the SuperAdmin portal.

Using SuperAdmin,

  • You can configure the Data Model
    • Partner = Accounts in Tradly definition. So you can customise the list of information to collect from those Partners
    • Product/Service = Listings in Tradly definition. You can customise the list of information to collect on the listing. Other than simple informations, there are multiple logic you can use on Listing level.
  • You can maintain the quality and security of the Partner Pages by approving only the accounts you believe is best for your Partner portal.

Here we have seen the simple brief of what you can do but it’s more than that.

Start exploring the Platform by Simply signing up with Tradly for a free account and customise as per your need!

Example of Partner Portals and App Marketplaces


Shopify Appstore
Shopify Appstore
Shopify Appstore
Shopify Appstore

Github Marketplace

Intercom App Store

Intercom Partner Portal

Intercom App Store
Slack Appstore

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