API REFERENCE| Promotion in SuperAdmin

Promotions are banners and videos placed in strategic locations to attract attention and promote a particular product, service, or message.

In Tradly, promotions can be directed towards a listing, an account, an external link, or a static message.

Creating Promotions

To create a promotion, you can use the following options:

  • Destination: Choose where you want the promotion to link to (e.g. a listing, an account, an external link, or a static message)
  • Schedules: Choose when you want the promotion to start and end
  • Placement type: Choose where you want the promotion to be placed (e.g. on the homepage, in a particular section)
  • Channel: Choose which channel you want the promotion to run on (e.g. web or app)

Promo Banners in Admin

As a platform owner, you can use the media section to display promotional materials in prime locations. This could be used to promote important promotions, provide how-to guides, explain features, promote specific products, advertise placements, or direct users to a particular tag (a group of listings).

To add banners:

  • Give the banner a name (we recommend using a naming convention like “month_campaigntype_optionalnote” for easy analysis and tracking in the future)
  • Upload an image and crop it as needed
  • Choose the target destination for the banner
  • Set the start and end dates for the banner using the schedules
  • Activate or deactivate the banner using the status function

You can upload different banners for mobile and web applications with different dimensions and settings.

Mobile banner size: 1280 x 720 (the same size you would use for creating Facebook ads on Canva or other platforms)

  • The app will automatically resize the banner to fit the mobile screen, taking up approximately 80% of the space (excluding padding and card UI)

Banners can be configured for different actions.

  • Static banners: Use banners as informational or promotional banners
  • Listing banners: Use banners to promote a particular listing (we recommend including a call-to-action button to differentiate these banners)

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