Online payment platform ( This payment gateway has been integrated into our ecommerce platform to allow for secure and convenient online transactions.

Particularly helpful for anyone launching marketplaces in Germany, UK, Netherlands and other countries in EU. Check with their support for more details.

Overview of their solution


  • Single payments: Allows users to make straightforward payments to merchants.
  • Multi-split payments for Marketplaces: Provides flexibility to split one transaction into multiple payouts.
  • Escrow solution: Allows users to control the payout of a transaction to ensure that certain conditions have been met before the funds are paid out to the merchant.
  • Recurring payments: Allows users to set up automatic, recurring payments.
  • PSD2 compliant: Ensures that the payment solution complies with the European PSD2 and GDPR legislation.
  • Verified sellers: Provides a secure and scalable platform with trustworthy sellers.
  • Dispute handling: Offers independent support to help resolve disputes between buyers and sellers based on set agreements.
  • Platform insights: Provides live statistics and relevant information through an API and interface for both the platform and sellers.

Getting Started

To start using the online payment platform, you will need to sign up for an account at Once you have created an account, you can then integrate the payment gateway into Tradly by going to Superadmin > settings > Payment Gateways

Web - Checkout Process for your buyers

In Tradly, Online Payment Platform is already integrated, whether it’s for hosted website or mobile app, the single checkout which Tradly provides take care of this gateway as well.

  1. Go to your end user website to test the checkout. Example: We have a sandbox account activated in (Note: Dev website will be bit slow than production)

Once you click Checkout, it will be redirected to a page like this.

Web - Merchants Onboarding

Merchants Accounts are the one who create listings (product, service, crowdfunding) to receive money for their product, services or donation/crowdfunding campaigns. Before they can receive payout or even for their listings to be live, Platform Owner(You), you need to finish the KYC process required by payment platforms like ONLINEPAYMENTPLATFORM, Stripe Connect, Mangopay, etc.

In Tradly Hosted Website, KYC API has been implemented like below

Through EDITOR, OPP KYC is available in Global sidepan. so you can add OPP KYC button in any page you like. once the user click the button, it opens the KYC process in right sidepan.

Web - Merchant Payout

Once the KYC of Merchant Accounts is verified by OPP, they can start receiving Payouts.

In Tradly, we have integrated OPP API of the payout transactions. Hence the merchants can see the payouts in the Tradly Hosted Website of yours.

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