There are many reasons why we started Tradly, but one of the top important reason is keeping the human together. It does read philosophical or marketing gimmick. But it’s not. These thoughts and belief rooted in us before we even started the brand. The beliefs become the brand. The product is merely a tool to help the people who share similar belief.

The value system behind our brand or how we shape our product is

  • Circulate instead of hoarding
  • Shared prosperity instead of monopoly
  • Community prioritised than individualistic

These values define how we even run our business. Our solution is incomplete without community, partners & creators. We are building a part of the system, and allow others as well to sell their product / service.

A lot of the solutions or use cases we have showcased are solving critical problems the world is facing. This also sound too much, we know. But the UN Sustainable development goals are the framework, we use it to classify how our solutions could be shaped and what need to be prioritised. If you ask any of the previous alumni who has worked with us, our first point start of analysing the product use cases is “What GOAL in UNSDP this solution is solving”.

Vision vs Reality

We have a bigger vision. Indeed, the vision is not always currently available as product in reality. But the architecture designed to accommodate that and yet flexible. Under the iceberg, things not always easy to visualise, that’s why our soul and morals cannot be always visualised. It’s deep and too many things. The same goes to our the tech architecture of block-based systems that allow modularity and flexibility.

Going back to Reality, We’re starting to prepare packaged templates to give a visualisation of each use cases.

Power vs Purpose

If you’re going to compare us with other solutions, we may not stack up very well in matrix comparison. But if you compare us with intention and purpose, we would be different from them. We are against monopoly, We are not here to help rich make richer. Riches are powerful with their money, so they help other riches to make them powerful as well.

Bootstrap vs VC

A big shark 🦈 is wealthy at the current time, and it is cruel and not purposeful to the society. There are few small fish 🐠 , smart and clever, they are growing gradually that one day they have the potential to replace those old shark boundaries. However, this small fishes have purpose and meaning behind why they are moving in this direction. And there is a clear sign that this small fish will win BUT ONLY GRADUALLY. The small fish 🐠 wants to sustain in the initial period, whether it could bootstrap its way or take up the shortcut of getting food from the shark in return of their area.

Two possible things can occur here:

  1. Small fish keep getting food from the shark 🦈 for growing faster. Thus loosing its area. Due toß the capital(food) that shark already got a lot of the area. Even if the shark doesn’t win it’s own game, the success of the fish will benefit the shark. By this, Shark cruelty will continue and shark wins 🎣

  2. Or the small fish can continue to find its own way, use its resource and strategy to find its success. This way the small fish is not under the control of shark and also has a chance to remove the shark, and it’s cruelty.

The route you select depends on who you are. We prefer to be in second. When there is a possibility we grow than our imagination, we want to become a community-funded and community-owned organisation.