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Here is the list of payment methods our internal and partner payment gateways

  • Cash on Destination(Service/product Delivery) and cash on Source (Service/Product Pickup)
  • Stripe Connect - supports 30+ countries
  • MangoPay UK
  • Openpaymentplatform.com - Germany, Netherlands, France (PSD2 and GDPR compliant)
  • PayDunya (Payments only)
  • Paypal (Payments only)
  • PayU for LATAM (Payments Only)
  • RazorPay India

With additional charges on custom plan, we can implement

  • dlocal for LATAM (on-demand)
  • Flutterwave for africa (on-demand)
  • PayStack (on-demand)
  • PayTM India (on-demand)
  • payfast (South Africa)
  • Vipps
  • Klarna
  • Mollie


The buyer pays the cash when he receives the item.

  • Cash on delivery come out of box and as a default gateway.
  • You can activate or deactivate this payment model

Stripe Connect

Most of the platform based business model require a non traditional transaction charges. Like commissions on transactions, time based subscription to use tools, payment based on hours, etc. Stripe supports most of this transaction model and we provide stripe as our payment model without any extra charges for validation or growth packages.

:::info TradlyAPI TradlyAPI subscribers: all 3rd party tools including stripe will be the client responsibility to connect and implement. :::

Source from Stripe

Stripe Connect support this business models

Connect’s flexible set of features includes - Payouts: Route funds to your recipients’ bank accounts and debit card flexibly and programatically - Fee collection: Drive revenue for your business by collecting fees for your services - Onboarding: Collect any information through your own flow and let Stripe take care of the rest through its mobile friendly and conversion-optimized UI

On-demand marketplaces


  • Manage payments to drivers, couriers, plumbers or other service providers



  • Connect fundraisers with donors
  • Allow fundraisers to sign up and start accepting donations instantly (no laborious payments setup required)
  • Support fundraising campaigns in 30+ countries with no per-country payments investment required

E-Commerce Platforms


  • Help online retailers manage payments from their shoppers
  • Let retailers on your platform connect their existing Stripe account or create new accounts
  • Let retailers use Stripe’s dashboard or add payments functionality to your own


For B2C business models in india


For B2C business models around the world

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