These days, Trash is equivalent to money, and only a few people know its true potential it. In lots of cases, people do not involve in such type of business because it’s trash and feel low about it. Let’s skip those traditional thoughts and bring them all to the opportunistic world where we have unlimited possibilities from the challenges we face. And the biggest challenge is TRASH!

There are multiple types of marketplaces from food to gadgets and even sometimes websites which collect trash. But why do we need smart apps to tackle this?

The future of millennials & Z-generations is digital-savvy people. They indulge their lifestyle with social, chats and on-demand services, they expect fast & also try to be fast on what they can do for others.

If they like something, they post, chat about it and expect it to happen faster than previous generation people. You can blame them with impatient or instant gratification people. But this is happening with the new generation of people. Not just personal life but it becomes their habit in a different part of their life.

Quick example: Digital savvy people who tweet🥰 to the respective government organization or corporations when they have some feedbacks. They provide reviews, appreciate the service, etc. They are not shy anymore. They take a video and post the issue on social media. 

If you look from this perspective and consider their expectation, just imagine how cool that would be if we could provide the solutions that could be similar like their current needs! They will become A part of this ecosystem. We just need to give them what they want in their own style and preference.”.

With all this research and groundwork, we have developed our solutions called “TrashForGood” where we allow any company or organization to launch their own recycling smart apps. The city councilor or even business can use this to organize and collect the trashes. If we make the job easier for the citizen to send their trash, they will do the job of trash organization at their home itself before it even reaches the Trash center. This way the receiver can easily divide it and send it to the respective zone of trash collection units. Food waste can be organized,  E-Waste can be sent separately, Paper waste can go to the respective company to get recycled. 

All this can be digitalized and so it makes the people job easier. 

Features in the app for end users

  • Your collection center can receive the notifications through the smart app.
  • Your team can visualize or prepare report from where the large amount of trash coming and use this to reduce or create other awareness plan in their communication framework. 

More specific details

Tradly Platform infrastructure solving recycle and circular economy

Still curious?

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Recycle management apps are called smart trash app, Trash app, waste management app, and garbage app., or even called Uber for Garbage. This story is interesting on how much opportunity is available in this segment. Read the TechCrunch news to know more about the potential.

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