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Imagine any circular economy model

Launch any platform in Days

Our infrastructure is adaptable to any model in circular economy. Platform to manage the circulation of products. Platform to improve recycle supply chain. Platform to transact parties to refurbish & remanufacture. Platform to encourage reuse & redistribute

Scale Rapidly & Secure

Headless API for recycleWhether you are building a simple internal apps for your chain of stores or building the app for the new world, our API solution are scalable and flexible. AWS/GCP with security and compliance according to the need. Find more information on our API docs.

Test Apps to Experience the Recycle App

On June-July 2022, Tradly made all the test app in public. It is available in respective app stores to test the solution. Tradly solutions are customisable in nature. Kindly let us know in contact form for more information, we can set up a demo call to discuss further.

For End users

These users who use the app may be the community citizens or corporate or business who have items to dispose, sell, etc.

Recycle Focused App

iOS App Recycle

Circular Economy first Marketplace app

iOS App Recycle
  • The same tradlysocial available in android playstore.

For Drivers / Fleet Team


iOS Pickup/Delivery App for your Drivers


Android Pickup/Delivery App for your Drivers

Note: You might need a password as a Driver. Below are the steps

How to Get Driver Password

  • Signup for a free account here
  • Go to Fleet Software
  • Add a Driver. You will get a password
  • Now go to the installed app
    • Enter the Project Name (aka tenant name or App name) in the first screen. This is what you used when you signup for the account with tradly
    • Enter the Driver Password
    • Nice, you should be inside the SuperDelivery APP DASHBOARD now.

Bringing the sustainability through circular economy

Developed by Platform thinkers to solve world’s biggest problem. Innovative. Functional.

Quick Onboarding for platform players

Tradly facilitates quick on boarding facility to different parties such as sellers, brand owners, manufactures, recyclers, collectors, etc. The new generation expect intelligent systems to understand and simplify on boarding. And TradlyPlatform has it

Recycling Guide for better Clarity

Wants to give a smart functionality to you users to find the DO, DON’T, WHERE and WHEN? Trade provides an interactive info and maps for for recycling various items and at the same time educates the users whether the item is recyclable or not


Straight forward Experience

When your user want to submit an item for different purpose, it is simple as posting a post in social media. Snap & Post. No Middle man and allow different parties to interact each other through in built chat experiences. Your drivers having additional app to pickup and drop.

Not just customers but also entities

Infrastructure is built in mind of considering every different persona. It is easy for municipalities, unions, Community heads and even institutions to register themselves to join/participate in the circular transaction process.

Quality Management

As a Recycle platform owner, you will have all the controls in terms of approval management of listing, accounts and groups. Having the control of information flowing in and out of the app will help with legal compliance and safety of your users

Management and Monitoring

Tracking the progress of marketplace has been made easy on our platform. As a platform owner you get a dashboard where you can track the performance of your marketplace using interactive charts and graphs on real time basis.

Partner Ecosystem

We add new extensions to help you power your marketplace and enhance it with more features. With Tradly, you are joining a partner ecosystem that shelters extensions ranging from marketing to sales to analytics to ratings and reviews. You can continually evolve your marketplace to deliver the best experience for your users.

Future Focused

From ideas to technology selection, we have considered different perspectives before reaching a conclusion. Our platform is flexible enough to coming needs. With time, everything is possible.

Think of any Circular Economy Model, Think TradlyPlatform/API infrastructure

Recycle Marketplace

A simple marketplace to connect sellers and recyclers. A connecting platform to Trash thhrowers and Municipalities shared dustbins.

Reuse & Redistribute

Launch a sharing economy marketplace to allow users to use the used products through rental or second hand buying.

Refurbish & Remanufacture

Your marketplace can have a portal to help sellers manage their products, listings, pricing, and promotions. With profile editor, your sellers can cater to business customers with tailored product and service content, showcase quality and diversity certifications, and stand out from the crowd.

SuperApp Marketplace

If you want to combine all the 4 components and make it like superapp. You can do it with TradlyAPI.

Simple and FREE. Launch your project today!

- Launch Marketplaces, Online Storefronts, Booking Apps, Classifieds, Directories, Partner Portals, App Stores, etc.
- Tradly pricing starts with ZERO. You pay only when you grow.
- Free No-code Integrations, No-Code Editor