Growth Marketing is something we believe in. Your team might be just you or a lean or a large team. We considered everything when we design our feature sets.

The platform functinality has been developed with 3 different goals.

Simple for beginners and Native Features

A single and beginner should not need to spend so much time learning new tools or integrating new tools. Hence we have a simple marketing functionality pre-built. And under being one single interface, you might not need to learn new tools

    • Pages creation
    • Blogs Creation
    • Promotions (Merchanding banner promoting a particular product or collection, etc)

Native integration with Google

By default, the website code are SEO friendly and high native integration to Google.

  • Listing has rich snippets, so the products are ranked in Google with product reviews, product price, stock, SKU, etc

  • Accounts has rich snippets, so the accounts are ranked and shown with location, etc.

    • SEO Scripting on individual or Platform level

Analytics and User Behaviour

  • Reports (5-10 pre-built widgets)
  • User Profile in superadmin with mini CRM(has LTV, Frequency, order data)

Intermediate and Native Features

No-code Integrations

25+ no-code integrations for all the hosted templates available. You can simply activate any integrations by pasting only the unique identifier ID.

Event Based Tracking by default

All the interactions happens in your platform has event tracking setup by default and avaialble in datalayer. You may use it with

  • Google Tag Manager and then send data to multiple tools
  • GA4 Automatically fetches the events in datalayer.

And you can connect this data to any analytical tools.

Learn more about Event Tracking Setup


Plus Webhooks, you can send the data from backend to any tools which supports webhooks. All on real time.

Know about Webhooks


Are you a marketing technology specialist?

The common tools

  • Open Source Web template repo
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Webhooks
  • JS SDK
  • Headless API

Plus User Generated Contents

For Marketplaces and Platforms.

Under your marketplace and platforms, you can allow people to make variety of user generated contents that helps your SEO.

  1. User Generated Articles : Your users can create articles and post there.

  2. User Generated Q&A: Your users can ask questions and your account owners can answer the questions thus creating an unique piece of content inside the listing. This allows your platform to have unique contents without even you writing about it which helps the SEO.