Commission-based revenue models are the most common in marketplace business. Companies like Amazon, Aliexpress, airbnb Etsy, Depop, Farfetch, Udemy, Upwork charges you on the commission of supply side or demand side.


% commission from each sales and deals

  1. % of Commission from seller/merchants/accounts (Amazon)
  2. % of commmission from Buyer (Property marketplaces)
  3. % of commission from both buyer and seller (airbnb)
  4. % of commission from buyer, seller, and delivery people (Deliveroo, Uber Eats)

How to Configure Commission Model

Currently, through Superadmin Panel, you can configure commission-based model on supply side. However, we allow commission on buyer side as well.

  • Currently, commission-based revenue model is using Stripe Connect. So, the transaction fee and payout fee defined by stripe and might vary on your business region, refer from there. Refer here

  • Go to SuperAdmin Panel > Revenue Model > Supply commission

  • You will find a list of commissions already created or empty. You will have only one active commission model. And you might have other commission model planned and activate for any special occasion (Example: For 3months, you can charge very less commission. Hence, you can activate and deactivate based on your situation.


  1. You can configure a default fee if you don’t prefer a category fee. If there is category-based commission applied, the default fee will be overrides with this new fee. If there is a case when you have fifteen(15)categories, you have created category-based commission only for five(5) categories, other categories will take the default commission rate.
  2. Multi-Selection field allows you to select multi-categories
  3. If you want to have slab-based commission for a specific category, you can apply as well. Let’s say if you want to have SLAB based across all categories, then you will have to select all categories in the MULTI-SELECTION(2) field and save.
  4. Commission percentage. Enter a number without % symbol.
  5. Add another line of category using the CTA
  6. An example view of how to configure SLAB-based percentages.

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