Tax Feature

A Tax feature that allows accounts platform owners to set up and manage taxes for their listings. This feature provides a range of options and controls to help accounts comply with local tax laws and regulations.

Using the Tax feature, accounts can:

  • Add a title to the tax, such as Sales Tax or VAT.
  • Set the default percentage rate for the tax.
  • Use a short code to identify the tax, such as ST or VAT.
  • Set whether the tax is inclusive or not. This determines whether the tax is included in the listed price of the listing or added on top of it.
  • View and manage a list of all the taxes set up on the platform.

The Tax feature is a useful tool for accounts to ensure that they are compliant with local tax laws and to provide a clear and transparent pricing structure for their customers. It can also help to streamline the tax management process and reduce the risk of errors or oversights.

Note: Marketplace

Only marketplace owner can set the taxes and it is applied on Marketplace Platform level.

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