A Fleet Platform for

A simple & Easy way to launch your Fleet Operations.

A Super Simple way to onboard your stores/storage points, location, drivers and vehicles. Special App for your Drivers. And you can manage your biz from the SuperAdmin

“Idea into a Product is Hard in many layers”

- Make your office or your time a productive one by improving the efficiency of customer management. - Give your users an way to book activities or events anytime they want.

CREATE a FREE BOOKING Website in just few steps.

  1. Sign Up with a free account

  2. Select any templates

Event Booking Templates

  1. Customise the styling using Simple Website Editor

  2. Create Events with images, descriptions and other optional rules

  1. Optional [Add Payment Gateways]

That’s it. You can start receiving bookings.

Enabling Entrepreneurs and Creators

Easy to use no-code tools

When you start, you just want to go fast to the market. Our no-code solution allows you all branding level customisation. Just fork our open-source front end apps that are pre-built and serves the need. Don’t know what is FORK? Let us help you with managed deployments to your Appstore, Playstore and web for a small fee.


Pre-built integrations for your team.

Tradly provides mixture of integrations that is native integrations to a connector which provides further possibilities. Your marketing, product and other team can use these integrations from the day1 without spending so much time in reinventing the wheel.

Any Apps

Launch wherever you want.

There is one thing we always tell to ourselves, Customer Choice. You may want a web app, mobile app, tablet app, a desktop or a custom solution. We spent quality time doing many POC and find the best stack that supports every type of modularity. That's why our API is modular, design components are modular, Text Strings are modular. So does the Front end stack that allows your app to be in everywhere you imagine.


Require a be-spoke solution from us?

Let's work with your design agency, and our partner development agencies to build front end apps from scratch. Full flexibility and planned timeline for a custom big project.

Tradly makes it simple and easy  to launch projects.

- Launch Marketplaces, Online Storefronts, Booking Apps, Classifieds, Directories, Partner Portals, App Stores, etc.
- Tradly pricing starts with ZERO. You pay only when you grow.
- Free No-code Integrations, No-Code Editor