15 May 2021

  • Enhancement: Notifications strings stored locally in the app, now supports multi languages instead of single language before.
  • Fix: Chat loading issues for few app builds(clients) have been fixed.
  • Fix: Multi language string updates process have been improved to speed up the update.

20 April 2021

Below list of items can be configured from Superadmin and it will be reflect in app in realtime

  • Text: App Home Title
  • Text: Registration Title
  • Widget: Home Invite Friend Enable/Disable
  • Widget: Promo Banner Enable/Disable
  • Widget: Home Category Enable/Disable

NEW: PayU LATAM payment gateway can be used in checkout. This is a direct payment options for countries in Latin America. The money will directly flow to Platform account. The platform will take care of processing payout instead of payment gateways.

18 March 2021

  • New: Google Map Enabled
  • Enhancement: Transaction info showing in my sales
  • Enhancement: Max quantity restriction is allowed

15 March 2021

  • Enhancement: Carousel widget added (you can create new collection widget in future without app updates and from superadmin)
  • Enhancement: Showing transaction state info in transactions list (eg: Commission cancelled/ sales cancelled)
  • Enhancement: Clicking Transaction or Payout list will send users to order detail page
  • Fix: Feedback screen crashing

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