Here you can find higher level statistics about the platform performance. On 2022, one of our target is improving the reports and advanced reporting. Currently, we substitute it with integrating with other analytical and business intelligence tools.

  • USER: The number of users registered in the platform

  • STORES/ACCOUNTS: The number of unique stores have been created in the app. (For education marketplace: It can be institutions OR it can be still users OR It can be Tutor profiles)

  • STORE/ACCOUNT FOLLOWERS: This just gives an indication of how many followers are following the stores/accounts. (Example: If 25 people follow 50 stores, then it will give 25*50 = 1250 followers)

  • LISTINGS/: This shows the total number of listings by all users (Example: if 10 users have posted 2 listings each. That means 10*2 listings = 20 Listings)

  • LISTINGS SOLD (or closed/Booked): If an listings is not available by multiple reasons (Example: sold out, booked, no space, etc). SOLD status gives the indication of the success of marketplace.

  • LISTING LIKES: This is same as listings followers but just that this is LIKES of a listing

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