Checklist to grow your business

Here is the list of fundamental things you can do to provide best experience for your users. Plus some tools and guidance for best practices in social media and Organic search.


Using this tool, you can verify whether you have meta title and description properly implemented in your project. And preview in Social Media is clear as per brand practices

Google SearchConsole

Add your website into Google Search console to let google know about your website

Using this tool helps you to generate Terms Policy, Privacy , etc

10 Major platforms

Highly recommended to create your brand profile under this 10 platforms as it will help you to organic domain reputation (called as Domain Reputation through backlinks)

Social Media Scheduling

Some Hacks

You can use Zapier setup for Tradly to automatically post updates to twitter and other platforms whenever there is a new listings. -

  • You can use Listing Approval feature in Tradly to only post approved listings.

Go to all other domains if you have, and cross promote your product

  • Footer links
  • In highly traffic getting pages
  • Related Keywords hyperlinking

Marketing Automation Platform


  • Setup popup for marketing emails
  • Setup Tradly webhook to send new users to their marketing list
  • Setup a template in their mail platform to send emails to your users once in a month(minimum)


= Google

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