10 May, 2021

  1. Enhancement: Allow zoom in product image
  2. Enhancement: Feedback form, three types of contact field
  3. Fix: Remove Scroll Indicator From more menu
  4. Fix: Remove Payments menu if Stripe not configured
  5. Fix: Storage hub Default 1 address case behaviour, When only one storage address is there, select it by default and show, When only one address is there, change need not be there in checkout screen

3 May, 2021

  1. Enhancement: Sell Icon text moved to configuration. Home Screen -> Sell button name can be configured.
  2. Enhancement: Report Listing and Report Account
  3. Fix: if any error happened in downloading intro screens, we are not allowing user to proceed with the app. This is now handled.
  4. Enhancement: Moved logs features into configuration

23 April, 2021

  1. New: Storage hub feature
  2. Enhancement: Inventory Changes

17 April, 2021

  1. Fix: Localisation wrong key issue fix

10 April, 2021

  1. Enhancement: Sub categories coming from MORE option available in list instead of grid
  2. Enhancement: On store screen, added new config for field preferred Shipment, this allows you to change the label
  3. Enhancement: On Cart, added new config to hide quantity picker. By default, it is set to 1 by default.
  4. Enhancement: Page Loader now shows slow network connection message if API call takes more than 15 seconds. Page Loader is initial loading indicator on any screen if it is fetching api.

3 April, 2021

  1. Enhancement: New payment gateway - Pay U
  2. Enhancement: show logo as home screen title
  3. Enhancement: Hide Tags Field on Add Product Screen
  4. Enhancement: Restrict Product Images count
  5. Fix: Option to clear location on add store screen

19 March, 2021

  1. Enhancement: Signup / Sign in flow switch. Moving forward, Signup page will come first before Sign in.
  2. Enhancement: “Resend code” message changed

16 March, 2021

  1. Enhancement: Support camera and photo gallery for upload attribute
  2. Enhancement: Showing first product’s name and image in my store order detail page
  3. Enhancement: Added location picker for “Create Store” and “Create Listing” based on configuration. Platform owners can choose whether they want.
    • Location pick by search
    • Location pick by map

15 March, 2021

  1. Enhancement: Internet slow connection message changed to provide additional information why.
  2. Enhancement: Additional transaction types added in transactions List; Hence sellers can see processing fee, commission deduction adding to the existing of payment transaction.
  3. Fix: Order total in order listing and order Detail fixed
  4. Fix: Order Listing Card Change — Showing Transaction ID
  5. Enhancement: Collection Widget — View All will only show the respective collection widget items.
  6. Fix: Home Screen - Store name and profile name was same, it’s fixed.
  7. Enhancement: When Transactions card under my sales clicked, redirecting to order detail page
  8. Enhancement: Chat double tick icon changed to single tick icon according to universal understanding like WhatsApp
  9. Enhancement: Active / Inactive button disabled if account status is not approved by platform owner.

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