Install Wolverine project

Setting up our react native open source project.

  1. Prerequisites

    We recommend installing Node and Watchman using Homebrew . Run the following commands in a Terminal after installing Homebrew.

    brew install node brew install watchman
  2. Installation

    1. Clone the repo
    2. Install NPM packages

    git clone install
  3. ios

    In the `ios` directory
    Install Pods

    gem install cocoapods npx pod-install ios  npm run ios
  4. Android Studio

    You might need to do this to run it in Android Studio or on real device. For more information See this.

    adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081 npm run android
  5. Usage

    Here is some client/app specific things you might need to change. 3rd party integrations with Stripe, Firebase, Sentry need your own account Keys for it to work.

    • TenantID of Tradly can be found from Tradly Dashboard ( Production tenantID/APIkey based on your purchase).
    • You might be change these values which are given below

     appSharePath: 'abc://',
        stripePublishKey: 'abc',
        dsnSentry: '',
        firebaseChatPath: '/abc_dev/',