Let’s get started to building your dream!

Hello! Welcome to Tradly. Am puffin 🐦 from Arctic Circle, I will be helping you setting up your home(your project 😘) in Arctic Circle. If you are wondering where is Arctic,check here. We live in a cold winter and cool summer all around the year, so setting up a house need some friendly help, so am here for you!

Beautiful! Isn’t it? Let’s see how to setup your home

There are three type of approaches I recommend based on your situation and your dream target.

- A tent ⛺️ is a good start to bring your dream live.

- Building a modular house 🏠 is a medium level where you want to progressively make changes.

- Building a big thing from scratch 🏢 is advanced level where you have capital and time to build a really big thing like the kangaroo(Deliveroo). Btw, we have our wolverine to help you out that dream as well!

Apps Installation, Here is the Jargons

Reached a stage where you want to completely change the front end stack or pure new design that existing kits cannot fit to your needs. Having a team of developers or dvelopment agency to build apps, buy/integrate 3rd party systems to scale the business. As you seen in the intermediate, Some of our starter kits are using our JS SDK. Which means you can use the same JS SDK for API. But if you would like to use direct APIs, Check REST API Reference.

  1. Install TradlyJS SDK

    Install JS SDK via npm.

    npm install  tradly
  2. Initialization of SDK

    Add your tradly token and environment name in your app.js file.

    import TradlySDK from 'tradly'; TradlySDK.init.config({token:'',environment:'production'})
  3. Example

    Start with tradly JS SDK and enjoy 🎉

    const [error, responseJson]  = await{bodyParam:{'type':'listings'},authKey:'authkey'})

Platform fundamentals

There are words we use such as Modules, Flavours, Blocks, Accounts, Listings, Attributes, etc. If this makes you wonder what it is, use the below section to read more about it. We have also copied the same definition on each block into a section called Glossary.

Here is the overall hierarchy of each feature. You may click each of this to know more about it.

  • Modules & Flavours

    Modules are business models like B2C, B2B, C2C. Flavours are business natures (booking, physical products).

  • Accounts

    What is account? And how it can be used as stores, tutor profiles, gym studios etc.

  • Listings

    What is listings? And how it can be used as products, tickets, events, location points, etc.

  • App customisations

    See what you can customise and cannot customise.

  • Business Operations

    Understand how to set up payments, shipments. Configure commission or subscription methods.

  • Integrations

    Find available integrations and how they are implemented, how to configure them in future.