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Looking to build a legal marketplace and apps? Here is the toolkit to launch any marketplace with our no-code and low code software.

Tradly Platform has a simple user interface to build any marketplace like legal marketplace and can be controlled every feature in one single dashboard. It is a complete white label solution…

The marketplace can be built on any platform, can be Android or iOS. Along with this option, you also get a web app template to get started.

Here is an example of how you can configure the catalog, listing fields in your marketplace

Legal Marketplace - Preview

Legal Areas - Category

| Agreements
| | Business Formation
| | Patents
| | Trademarks
| | Immigration
| | General Counsel
| | Labor &
| | Securities &

Listing Attributes

Attribute GroupingsAttributeExample ValuesApplicable for
General AttributesLawyerExperiencedAll
Consultation inZoom
KnowledgebaseOur Team is dedicated to1. Official point of contact

2. Easy, online organization
3. Reputation protection
4. Fast email notifications
5. Business compliance
6. Experienced professionals
| All | | | About Our Service | Our consultants are subject matter experts. They take a defined and structured approach to collecting information, analyzing findings, and developing recommendations to help you yield the biggest business benefits. | All |

For Example, You can charge a certain amount of percentage when each sale is made by the seller…

Looking to build a marketplace? but don’t know how to start… This Video Tutorial will guide you on how to build a marketplace