Looking for a white label plug and play C2C (peer to peer) Marketplace app? Tradly Platform allows you to launch your own C2C/B2B marketplace app with most features pre-built and customization on demand.

  • You may be a founder without tech co-founder or tech team or may be a serial entrepreneur who wants to test an idea or want to have first mover advantage or a small team who already has a website with good user base. You want a mobile app for this smartphone generation.
  • The easiest way to kick start your idea is without involving much technical stuff. The development takes lots of time in getting the idea into reality. Instead of spending your time on it, focusing on the launch and growth might be a good idea.

How is that possible?

With numerous research and testing, Tradly platform has developed a plug-and-play-based marketplace technology infrastructure.

  • Once you sign up, select the template which is suitable to your business
  • Then you can customize how your screens should look (based on your branding) in SuperAdmin
  • By default english, USD would be choosed as the currency. However you can change them in the admin.
  • You can configure your accounts (multi-seller) and listings (product categories)

Few of the features in Tradly Platform App:


Why you should consider using a white labelled plug and play marketplace app ?

  • saves your time on developing the app
  • Saves your time on thinking and shaping each module
  • Imagine the time you need to spend for every quality check and bug fixing
  • Imagine the time you need to share the apk with your Friends and early adopters to test the features , design and functionality
  • You need to setup an analytics for your app
  • Need to install vitality growth tools inside the app
  • And setup an email systems
  • Infrastructure
  • It’s not straightforward like building a website, app ecosystem is much more complicated than we can imagine.

We are like you at the initial time, We have gone through all the pains of building a marketplace app, there are a lot of bottlenecks between development to launch.

That’s the crucial time, a lot of entrepreneurs end up spending time, energy, and sometimes not being able to finish because of lack of resources. Save time on developing and spend your time on testing the idea, market, and growing the user base.