Looking to build/launch an app like OLX, Quickr, Dubizzle, and Letgo for your startup? This article will cover those details and also relevant details you need to launch an app like this. 

I will cover this specifically in detail

  • The list of features which are available in this apps
  • How much time it takes to build an app
  • The team structure you need to build this
  • Development ideas
  • Quick and smart solutions to launch this business without building from scratch

If you want to start quick without going into explanations, here it is

Classified Marketplace Templates

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Other details you can find are (Just resource links)

  • Whether a marketplace Idea is worthy to do?
  • What are the type of marketplaces?
  • Find the list of marketplace in this marketplace finder 

List of Features available in this app like Letgo, OLX, Quickr and Dubizzle

Users are able to;

  • Login with social logins
  • Also, they can login with SMS gateways
  • Have consumption social feed (Following certain brands, stores, shops, etc) 
  • Engage with those classified by like, commenting and share
  • Chat with the respective listing owners
  • Negotiate the pricing with the listing owners
  • Browse items by different category  (Vast number of categories) 
  • Filter and search things
  • Find standard informations of the shops and items (Like contact details, what they offer, how much is the price)

There are intermediate features you need to provide for your users to finish a transaction between buyer/seller. If you want to go advanced on filling the full lifecycle of the user journey, then

  • User able to do transactions on the portal
  • Classified owner able to see the performance of his listings
  • Classified owner able to add advanced listing like product set/color/item type or a different pricing per item attributes, etc.
  • User able to save his wish list, create his personal board like Pinterest, etc.
  • And many other creative ideas you want to think of 

The main strategy of these classified marketplaces is mostly brand voice share. Brand mind/voice share in simple terms means when a user thinks about something to find, whether the classified companies come into their mind. So capturing the mind share is important of these general marketplaces. 

However, you need to be aware that smaller players cannot succeed if they are trying to build exact things like them. Meaning no generalized but go for the niches. It really helps to scope down your focus and grow your marketplace in that specific niches. Read some growth hacks from Uber X Marketing guy

Another important thing is about liquidity. There is N number of articles explaining about the liquidity in marketplace is a crucial point of success. So, if you wanted to achieve that, focusing on niche categories and small location helps you to achieve this volatility.

Thereby you can keep expanding into different categories or another location. You can play different strategies based on your vision. There is one more thing I would personally suggest is building additional tools under your app or business to help out your target audience.

For example: currently am writing down an article on how to bring your idea into reality (focused on entrepreneurs).

Assumption > Your target audience could be a woman who is good at arts and likes working from home. Or a man who really works in his garage creating something cool. To those target audiences, you can write about honestly how they can expand their business by sourcing the right items to reduce cost or selling in multi-channels to increase revenue. There are many things you can write about. Do some persona analysis and see what these people need and provide this value. 

You can read here as well on what CEO of OfferUp told when he made billion in sales

It depends on whether you want to go for the intermediate solution or a full-fledged solution with your own features. There is no single answer on how much time it going to take honestly.

Because it depends on the programming languages, native or hybrid apps, internally built or development agencies, or using ready-made white-label marketplace (Tradly.app) or using open source tools. 

Minimum 4 months to build a solid scalable architecture and clean code, Maximum 10 months to get the android, iOS, and web app using a 6 team. 

Apart from these 4 team core developers, you need one-time people to do experience design for all the interfaces, Business analysis, and implementing marketing tools needed to run the business. 

Team Structure

Adding to the above points, I would recommend one solid architect who has a long-term vision. Minimum one android developer + iOS developer + Web app. If you increase these numbers to two, you can speed up the work. 

The architect can do the testing in his free time if he prefers. If not you need an all-rounder who can do the testing, DevOps, and other miscellaneous. 

if you are looking for details about the salary of an app developer, you can find from Upwork

Development ideas 

If you really have strong capital, have so much customization specifically related to you, and have the cash flow to sustain for 12 months, the way is to build on your own marketplace. The only drawback is trial and error experiments. And the most critical thing will be time.

So if any things like a change in the team or change in company direction will totally affect your timing and also your business strategy. And yeah all the previous work will get wasted as well

Quick and smart solution

But the smarter alternative way in this sharing economy is basically to use Saas solution like Tradly. You find all the things pre-built and all managed in the cloud for you. The only focus for you will be testing your idea on the market or growing your platform. All the technology infrastructure is managed by Tradly platform.

Even if you want to make customization, then you can connect with us to customize as per your need OR  wait for our regular updates that keep providing new features to you without paying extra.

Is Marketplace worthy to do?

Here you can read the report about the future of the online marketplace from dealroom. This report covers major trends and where the future platform economy is moving.

Marketplace Ideas

Your idea should come from your passion and purpose. But if you are looking for a list of the different marketplace across the globe, visit our curation list.

Hope this helps you. If you have any more questions or need any consultation, feel free to chat with us! I and my team are happy to get you started!

All the best.

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