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Launch Your Marketplace app in a matter of days

Why Tradly platform?


Tell us your business ideas, show us your branding deck. We deploy in a matter of days at the industry perfect cloud infrastructures


No big cost to invest. Experiment in phases using our platform. Feel like not fit for it? can stop the subscription anytime


We make it easier for your growth marketing team to have all the things prebuilt and solved.

minimize your dEVELOPMENTS

All the fundamental market features pre-built. Extra customisation available based on your request

Choose your preferred platforms and launch your marketplace today ūüöÄ

Tradly Platform available for

Fashion Marketplace

If you are building the next Etsy, Depop, Wallapop, etc. it's possible with Tradly Platform.

Services Marketplace‚Äč

Thinking of different version of airbnb? or other marketplaces on Fitness, tours, activities, wellness, beauty, events, classes, professionals. Contact us

Property Marketplace‚Äč

Imagining the next buy, sell or rental marketplace on the property and real estate? Tradly has inbuilt modules for you

Government communities‚Äč

Wanted to make the government initiatives transparent, collaborative, or give them a tool to encourage initiatives? Contact us


Wanted a platform for your NGO? or community network or an social cause based activity. We have tested features for you to launch.

Everythings else

Are you the creative and crazy person who has a new version of what a marketplace should be? We make your idea into reality. Contact us.

Build with perfect infrastructure


We have plan according to your needs and stages.  A simple plan to test your idea to an enterprise grade solution. We strive for the perfection and so our product infrastructure are for everyone!



Per month

  • Branding only customisation
  • Less than 25000 Users
  • Payment not included
  • Billed per 3 Months



Per month

  • Branding customisation + App UI/UX
  • Less than 100K Users
  • payment included
  • Billed per 3 Months


  • No restrictions on App UI/UX
  • Backend Database changes
  • Unlimited Users
  • Special tech team and project manager
  • 24 hours support standby

How it works?

Frequently asked questions

All the existing app features you find in our current demo app will comes with the cost above. 

Based on the package, you choose, you are entitled to limited customisation for free. 

For additional features, contact us, we help you to develop that and deliver at hourly developer fee according to the features.

No, we don’t have currently. It is easy to duplicate a website but not apps.. Making app live involves launching on play store and app store which takes up resources for every new brand.

We start billing from the day we start to customise the product because it involves our resource locked to speed your app launch. 

On the idea validation stage, we want to focus on getting your idea into reality by launching fast without making things complex. In this process, you will only have the option to changing your brand elements(color, a bit of design, etc) to reflect your brand identity

No, those tools charges are paid by you. Once you setup the account under your billing, we request your API/Secret keys or account access where we will put in our app and deploy for you. 

Sure. If you aspire to do more than what we have now. We can help you with migration. We charge you a small fee on an hourly basis to move your database or any other things you want to migrate. We will make sure you are happy on every decision you make.

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