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The headless API-first platform.

Why Tradly Platform?


Launch in 10 days and validate your idea faster to get product-market fit


Cut your development cost & time using pre-built and still customisable product.

Low code & No-Code

Developer focused low code solution and entrepreneurs focused no-code builders

NEW FEATURES every month

All the fundamental market features are pre-built. And dozens of new stable features are getting released without extra charges.


Growth tools already implemented to kickstart your platform growth.

on demand development

Found a feature is missing for your growth? Buy development hours on demand, and customise your apps.

How it works?

  1. Sign up for a sandbox account 
  2. Configure your features through SuperAdmin panel šŸš²
  3. Preview your prototype through TradlyPlatform apps  
  4. Subscribe on SaaS plans 
  5. Get a production build for the launch šŸš€ 


Headless API

The highly customisable & Scalable Marketplace solution

Made for Developers

  • Highly customisable option, so you can build your own app with preferred UI/UX

  • Build any apps on top of it from smart watch to mPOS

  • Future proof with headless API. Use only what you need.

  • Scale as your business scales

  • Read what is headless API

Pre-built Apps

The Quick. Fast. A solution that suits your time and speed.

Made for Entrepreneurs

  • No code and DIY SuperAdmin Panel
  • See the app first via prototype before your buy
  • Best for the entrepreneurs & SME.
  • Ready to launch production apps

Build with perfect infrastructure + Marketing tools integrated

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Demo videos

Example Use Cases

Social C2C Marketplace

If you are building the next Etsy, Depop, Wallapop, Mercari, etc. it's possible with TradlyPlatform. C2C also called as P2P

B2B Marketplaces

Powerful SaaS platform to quickly launch your B2B marketplace. Customisable for different models (from procurement, direct purchase to resale)

Property Marketplaceā€‹

Imagining the next buy, sell or rental marketplace on the property and real estate? Tradly has inbuilt modules for you.

Digital Shopping Mall

Bringing together the shopping mall experience and e-commerce experience to co-exist together by combining the physical touch, experience and the convenience using digital technologies

Crowd+ Platform

Wanted a platform for your NGO? Or a community network for social activities? We have tested features for you to launch crowd ideas, group discussion, messaging, transaction, etc.

Circular Economy Business

Launching a new business targeting circular economy? Transforming your enterprise into a sustainable circular economy mode? Explore TradlyPlatform Smart apps.

Get in touch

"When I decided to launch my Australian based business, I reached out to Tradly to assist me in developing a very specific model of marketplace app. The Tradly Team put together a completely customised app that was to my business's unique specifications in a short timeframe, creating a fantastic customer experience every step of the way. I was, and continue to be, blown away by the way that Tradly has streamlined the white label app process, making an app presence accessible to businesses of all sizes."
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Support is our first priority

Our whole team is with you on every step of your journey of growth, starting the moment you have the demo to every day of your growth. We mean it!Ā Our reps are real people, not robots.