Tradly has flexible components and it’s pre-built to launch your marketplace

Features ready for your growth marketing team​

Growth Hacks Elements​

Referral as a core of the product, Deeplink listings referral, web to mobile referral, Invite friends feature from Facebook, Google, etc

Marketing automation preconfigured​

Push notifications, Email Messaging, Automated Emails, InApp Messaging, Realtime push notifications, etc.

For data analysis and data science

PreBuilt Marketing Analytics

behavioural, revenue, cohort analysis, dashboards to monitor the progress​

Tracking and Events setup

Everything you feel like tracking and analysing is already pre-built using the industry leading mobile marketing stack.

Customising your collection

if you want to customise the category section based on your experiment, seasonality and promotions, you can change from here​

Backend panel to manage listings​

Approval, Rejection, etc​

Listing Dashboard

All your team can monitor the performance of the whole business here. We also provide REST API & GraphQL to load to BI Tools

Listing Analytics​

Run through the numbers by date, category, location, etc​

Choose your preferred platforms and launch your marketplace today 🚀

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