TradlyPlatform has flexible components and it’s pre-built to launch your marketplace


Features ready for your growth marketing team​

Growth Hacks Elements​

Referral as a core of the product, Deeplink listings referral, web to mobile referral, Invite friends feature from Facebook, Google, etc

Marketing automation preconfigured​

Push notifications, Email Messaging, Automated Emails, InApp Messaging, Realtime push notifications, etc.

For data analysis and data science

behavioural, revenue, cohort analysis, dashboards to monitor the progress​

Everything you feel like tracking and analysing is already pre-built using the industry leading mobile marketing stack.

SuperAdmin Dashboard for Platform Owners

if you want to customise the category section based on your experiment, seasonality and promotions, you can change from SuperAdmin Dashboard

Approval, Rejection, Exporting data, Listing categories, attributes, etc.

Listing Dashboard

All your team can monitor the performance of the important business metrics here + the detailed level behaviours on already integrated tools like MoEngage, Firebase, etc

Listing Analytics​

Run through the numbers by date, category, location, etc​

Social marketplace feed

User Story : An user who wants to have social media styled social feed where they can see the listings, follow stores and discover trending accounts/profiles/stores

An important part of social marketplace platform is social features where you have many engagement generating features. Things like likes, follow, chat, etc can create more engagements between different users in the app instead of just browsing different listings.

Currently available ,

  • Like listings
  • Follow accounts
  • Chat with accounts
  • User Ratings
  • User Reviews
  • Wish list (private)
  • Groups (Alpha release)

Customisable collections widgets

An user when he visit the home page of the app, should be able to find fresh collection of ideas.

Currently available

  • Recent list of accounts/stores/profiles
  • Recent list of Listings/Ideas/Postings/Ads

Coming soon on SuperAdmin panel (Available immediately based on manual request)

  • Custom collections based on tags
  • Using Attributes filter
  • Category (multiple)
  • Listing title
  • Price (less than, greater than, etc)
  • Offer percent (less than, greater than)
  • Location (kilometer/miles radius)

Promotional Banners

An user when he visit the home page of the app, should be able to find fresh collection of ideas.

Currently available

  • Recent list of accounts/stores/profiles
  • Recent list of Listings/Ideas/Postings/Ads

Inbuilt Chat

An user able to chat with prospective seller/account/tutorprofile, etc to discuss about the listings

The chat feature is more or less like the WhatsApp features which allows the users to do

  • Personal and private communications
  • Share locations
  • Attach additional private photos and documents about the listings

Hybrid Listing Page

A platform owner can configure custom fields/Attributes on listings submission personalised to categories

  • When a user add a listing > on top of the title, description, category, images, List price, offer percent, tags (as you seen in the redbox)> we can add other attributes as a field to collect more information.
  • Example Scenarios
    • Product type: used or new
    • For fashion marketplace Item material: Cotton, Linen OR Item color: Red, blue, Green
    • For agriculture marketplace> Price per: Gram, Kilogram
    • For property marketplace> Rental Price: Per day, per week, per month.

Advanced 4 Level category

As a platform owner when you want to build high level marketplace to have deeper categorisation.


  • Men
    • Clothing
      • Tops,
      • Coats
      • Beachwear,
      • BridalWear
      • Jeans
        • Skinny Leg

Men is a first level category Clothing is a second level category Tops, Coats, Beachwear, Bridal wear and Jeans are 3rd level category Skinny leg is a 4th level category

  • Based on your business nature, you can use this in different ways. You can use category to allow users to discover somethings or find different set of needs based on how you plan it.
  • You can add attributes based on parent and child categories

Notification Center

An user able to get the updates about different things to keep updated

  • Chat message notifications
  • An account owner receive a notifcation when someone followed the account
  • An account owner receive a notifcation when someone like the listing
  • An account owner or buyer receiving status update about his orders

Flexible Account creation

As a platform owner, you can design different account creation form based on the type of accounts you have.

  • When you are building hybrid marketplace, you want to have different stake holders to open accounts. And the accounts perhaps need different information than the primary information.
  • By Default, we only collect the Name and Description of the account registration
  • You can configure additional attributes (HOW TO CONFIGURE : LINK) based on your business nature
  • You can create multiple categories of accounts
  • You can create additional attributes specific to an account category rather than overall

Wishlist / Bookmarks / Save Listings / Favourites

User able to add an item to his Wishlist (also called as bookmarks, save, favourite) to refer that in future for further actions

  • When a user like a listing from any place while he discover, it’s get added to his wish list.
  • Like/Unlike activates/deactivates the item to be in wish list.

Invite your friends feature

User able to invite his friends/fans through an unique generated links

  • Tradly Platform use advanced deep links systems (LINK TO WIKI) to allow user to generate his invite links
  • Invite links can be used to invite his friends on multiple channels like facebook, whatsapp, etc.


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