Building grocery DELIVERY APP like Instacart, doordash, postmates

Building a grocery delivery marketplace app shouldn’t be that hard this years. With the advancement we have in the technology, the affordability is lesser. You may want to support your existing grocery chains with digital transformation or you want to take on the informal economy into the smart app. 

Do you need a Grocery Smart App?

If you want the the millennials and Z Generation who are digital savvy could to become your lifelong customers, you need something that is always on their mobile screen. And it is the mobile apps. The younger expects more than what they buy in the sense of technology.  

They don’t need just grocery but

  • They like to have their orders recorded in their mobile app, so they can always refer and monitor their spending. 
  • They like to copy and paste previous bills, so they can order the same list of items. 
  • They like the system sometimes recommend items based on their behaviour, this could save their cost and time as well.

And also easy to discover the things at anytime and anywhere.

The current generation which has bigger spending power values time more than the money. So they try to opt for things which are faster, efficient, on demand and also personalised. So when we design something like smart apps, they get everything covered in this approach. 

With all this in mind, we have developed Grocery App through Tradly platform infrastructure with clear user centric features that they highly prefer to have. We dig a deep in the human psychology on how they do shopping experience in offline and their digital lifestyle patterns. 

There is different stake holders in the grocery marketplace platform.

  1. Platform owner which is you who will be managing the platform from configuration to growth
  2. The demand side: The people who buy from you the groceries.
  3. The Supply Side: The business who sells through your platform
  4. Delivery Partners: Optionally if you have own delivery gig workers or 3rd delivery partners, you may want to integrate

Demand Side: Grocery App

Read all the features list in docs (Updated) but just a few short list here.

  • Discover the items by different collection(By shop, Region, By organic/Nonorganic, By Farmers and any other attributes you want to configure )
  • Highly Personalised shopping recommendation 
  • Intuitive user experience when making orders  

On Demand Grocery app for Merchants

  • Merchant can manage their inventories through the app
  • Merchant can publish promotions and upload the recent items in a minute
  • Merchant can manage the orders 
  • Merchant can track their sales and put their wallet details to collect payment, thus saving payment. 

On Demand Grocery Management Panel

  • Business owners of the marketplace can approve the merchants. 
  • Approve the listings to make sure it’s legit.
  • Monitor the performance in real time
  • Other admin features

How easy to launch on-demand grocery marketplace app?

With Tradly platform, You have the ready made solutions and it is white labelled for you.

The process will be:

  1. Select the platform (iOS, android) 
  2. Select the list of screens from our screen library 
  3. Tell us your brand color and upload your logo
  4. Enter the brand name 
  5. Voila, That’s it. 

How much Cost and time to launch the apps?

Launch in 10 days at a $10 a day with growth tools free of cost! That simple. Because we have done most of the work you would already need to do 🙂

Still curious? Book a session for a demo