Building a donation marketplace app like Thrift+

There are very few like you if you are willing to do meaningful things in the world 🙂 

So you want to build a thrift donation marketplace or something similar around it? And you want a platform where people can donate their items?

Or you want all your cooperative organisations/NGO to receive this give away? Having smart apps help your users stay connected, easy and always on the reach.

We got you. Whatever the flexibility you want to have, our Tradly platform allows you to have interactions between the donor/goodheart and the organisations. 

All these interactions in their hands with easy to use and personalized features for both the parties. Let’s go in details on what both the parties will get. 

Features for donors in the donation marketplace

  • Take the picture and upload the item
  • They can select the preferred NGO they want to donate
  • Encourage them using points & badges
  • Let them communicate with the organisation via inbuilt chat

And many more features

Features for the NGO

  • Let them confirm If they want get the offered items
  • Let them thank their donors through claps, hugs and love
  • Let them post if they need something specific items or just generic request
  • Let them communicate with their donors and being in touch

And many more features

How to build/cost for donation marketplace app?

It’s simple with Tradly platform. Launch your marketplace app in 10days at $10 per day with free 10 marketing tools implemented. We have turn key solutions and it’s white labelled for your idea!

Let’s not stop there. Imagine in few weeks or in a year, your platform become huge success and you want to optimize the app screens or you want to totally change the backend system to accommodate new things, you can upgrade your plan and do the transition easily with our infrastructure. We have a strong super humans who could do that for you 🙂 

Still curious?

We are more than happy to discuss on a free consultation call providing open possible options for your idea!

Donation marketplaces are also called as crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a form of crowdsourcing and alternative finance