Build a marketplace platform app in less than 30days

Imagine you just need a domain, and a branding deck, and decided the TOP 5 priority features you want to have in the app. We can build the marketplace app in mongol speed. 


Our tradly marketplace app has been successfully in the market for last few years and have been used by more than 10k people. 

We designed a a non profit social marketplace app

which allow people to sell, donate, swap and rent things for free without any listing fee, commission or any other charges for end users.

It comes with bunch of inbuilt growth backed features and other standard features which a marketplace would need, you can read the details in the next section.

We have done for the community to use it for free, now if you want to commercialise for your ideas, we white label our product for a less cost with all product features we already have. We are able to do the less price as we are not putting the whole product cost to you but we take responsibility for some + multiple players like you also provide small chunk of cost. This way all of us at a Low cost able to execute the ideas! 

For Marketing & Analytics

  • we have integrated the app with first class mobile growth app platform called for Branch for all growth elements
  • We have also integrated the app with top notch mobile marketing automation platform called Localytics for app analytics, marketing communications (push & email) 
  • All this apps allows us to track 
  • How users behaviour are happening inside the app
  • Where this users come from 
  • Where they drop off
  • which buttons they are clicking ,
  • Items they are posting , etc

Infrastructure wise

  • hosted on amazon infrastructure 
  • Login systems integrated with facebook and Google 

Backend dashboard

  • approve content
  • Monitor the performance of the marketplace (supply, demand, number of users, etc) 

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