Build App marketplace for your SaaS ecosystem

Looking to build an App marketplace for your SaaS ecosystem? Here is the toolkit to launch any marketplace without writing a single line of code in few clicks.

You might have heard the success stories of Shopify, Hubspot which have created their digital marketplace and app store around their product/business. Through this directory, they have enabled partner directory for services, resellers, and many more use cases. 

If you are looking to build one, you don’t need to build one from scratch, you can use Tradly API to build an App Store for your SaaS / PaaS Business. 

Build your own App Store to increase your SaaS Ecosystem.

Few use cases how you can approach ecosystem marketing 

  • Bring your partners to sell their service on top of your product
  • Bring your integrations / add ons / plugin under a single marketplace directory. Whether It’s own by you or your partners, your customers will enjoy the value.
  • Sell your templates, additional mini products under the same marketplace
  • Bring your partners to sell templates, design, etc

Process flow of onboarding and maintaining platform (using our headless or full stack solution):

  • Allow all your partners to self onboard (with different data collection per account type)
  • Manage their accounts(partner profile) with approval process
  • Allow them to publish their listing with different informations, etc
  • Manage their listing with approval process 
  • Allow payment services to your partners inside the marketplace and app directory (We have natively integrated with stripe connect to provide escrow accounts, payout, multi currency, etc) 
  • Take out commission from your partner sales. Tradly has advanced commission management module where you can configure commission % based on categories with fixed or slab, etc 
  • Allow your customers to purchase the add ons, plugins to add value to your product
  • Solve small little challenges you can’t by allowing partners to solve your customer problems 
  • Allow design agencies and other service providers to sell
  • All each parties to chat other to have more engagement about the service they are buying and selling
  • Allow new resellers to resell your services with more added support based on client needs 

Product Features

  • Account Creation
  • Listing Submission
  • Compliance of account, listing
  • Escrowd accounts, Payments, Payouts
  • Feed system 
  • Collection creation of listings, accounts 
  • Attributes creation under listing and account for detailed data classification (Attachments, data types, location , etc) 
  • In build search or you can use Algolia by integrating the API 
  • Order and checkout system
  • Reviews and Rating system
  • Notifications system
  • Promotional banner management 
  • Dozen more