If you are planning to build your white label marketplace app with a builder or other approach, this is for you. TradlyPlatform provides a simple interface to build your multi-vendor website, service marketplace, on-demand delivery app (like grocery), or any type of peer-to-peer marketplace. 

It’s 100% marketplace first solution.

  • Tradly is one of the few builders which has native integrations with marketplace wallet/payout-based systems. Tradly also has its payout system, which provides an operational tool alternative to Stripe connect (Only supported in 42 countries). Read more here
  • Your users can sign up, open accounts themselves (sellers, campaign owners, multi vendors, partners), post listings (products, campaigns, items, services), and receive payouts
  • Tradly has commission logics, Special fees.
  • Multi seller cart options, Multiple Shipments tracking under a single order.
  • Marketplace fulfilment (example, like how Amazon fulfil orders)
  • For crowdfunding: It offers crowdfunding related features
  • For non-transactional marketplaces: You can simply deactivate unneccasary features.

Marketplace Web and App Templates Pre-built to kickstart


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But you want to know the whole process flow, here is the informations about them.

Low code platform

Modern Builder with a simplified approach


Developer Focused approach

“If you want to spend time on growing your platform and not building the next set of features, TradlyPlatform is the right for you” 

Traditional BuilderTradlyPlatform Native Apps with the simplified builder
You need to build everything from scratch.
Example: Build
- Onboarding Screens
- Registration Page
- Home, Listing, 
- Cart 
- Checkout 
- Many other pages
We have pre-built everything all ready for you. You can download our test apps in play store and App Store to see what we meant https://tradly.app/docs/testingapp
You need to bring your own UI/UX here to make sure everything works is perfectOur previous deployed apps already provide us insight on what works and whatnot. Thus our pages are already designed, tested, and improved continuously on every new iteration
You need to design the workflow on which page should go where, how each page should transition, how the fields should be stored, etcThe workflows are pre-configured for you. However, you can change through our config if you want different systems. Example: You can change payment, cart, checkout, listing submission flow very easily and quickly. 
You need to test your listing pages, cart system, checkout, payment one by one. Any mishaps on live apps can affect your business. Plus setting up automated payouts for your accounts (Sellers)Our systems are deployed in multiple countries and multiple device environments, thus it has the advantage of already identified issues (We have solved around thousands already in the last few years) and we are solving every week if there are new issues. 
Marketing tools and Analytics integrations you need to do on yourself. And also spend time evaluating all setups are properly done, etcMarketing Tracking and analytics are tough jobs that need to be set up properly. With growth marketers in a team, our apps are already done from the perspective of marketing, events, automation messaging, etc

On top of all

  • Social Centric features that increases the retention of your users
  • Organic growth related features with UX designed in a way to share contents of the apps
  • Automated Notifications to increase the engagement between users
  • Chats and dozens of others features.

Marketplace Apps configuration on TradlyPlatform SuperAdmin Panel without complex builder


Tradly est une platforme proposant énormément de services et cela m’a permis de gagner énormément de temps sur la construction d’un projet de marketplace. De plus Tradly comprend un accès membre sur Slack, qui nous permet de communiquer très facilement,  l’équipe est au top, toujours disponible pour nous aider. Je remercie leur travail sérieux et leur investissement dans les projets ! Je recommande vraiment cette plate-forme que ce soit pour un entrepreneur ou un développeur, se lancer n’a jamais été aussi facile ! #Original

Tradly is a platform offering a lot of services and this allowed me to save a lot of time on the construction of a marketplace project. In addition, Tradly includes member access on Slack, which allows us to communicate very easily, the team is on top, always available to help us. I thank their serious work and their investment in the projects! I really recommend this platform whether it is for an entrepreneur or a developer, getting started has never been easier! #Translated

Mathieu duval, Developer