When we are simply wanted to test a marketplace idea, the easy way the WordPress lovers will do is trying to create a WordPress site and using plugins to get the MVP. It’s a good approach to test and see whether the idea might be worth to invest. But…

  • WordPress wasn’t built for marketplaces as a first thing. This is like changing a warehouse into a good corporate space to run an office. You will face different issues on the long run
  • Marketplaces are one of the lifestyle platforms that people want to use once in every week, especially consumer-faced marketplace. (On-demand marketplaces will be once in a day usage for power users) 
  • If you want to prioritise a mobile-centric experience, then WordPress for the marketplace will be a big risk. A mobile app will involve notifications, real-time location tracking, and many native integrations that make the user experience smooth. 
  • There is no Social features functionality in WordPress / woo-commerce. Social is not just product sharing on social media but providing social features inside your platform, so you can build your community inside the platform (likes, follows, chat, shares, etc) 

We have seen clients who try to use wordpress, plugins and woocommerce for multi vendor marketplace for months. Then moved on to solutions like TradlyPlatform.

I’m excited to know more about tradly.app and what I can create. WordPress is becoming a headache as our team needs a custom product specific for C2C.

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