We want to bring change in the supply chain of the product/service transaction. We want to offer accessibility to every business whether they are small or big. We want to allow transparency for the buyers with hope and confidence. Making both parties satisfied with their business transaction. Thus creating a safe and friendly community to help each other.

This is the purpose why we started our TradlySocial Marketplace app in 2013. Fast forward, we feel that we cannot change everything by ourselves, we want to provide this infrastructure to anyone who wants to solve their local challenges. All at a fraction of cost if they want to develop something on their own. They can name the platform however they want and let them own the business

Tradly Platform.

We moved on from TradlySocial to TradlyPlatform to build this infrastructure as a service. Looking back on the last few months of our product development, we have developed a unique set of features that combine social + commerce And have received hundreds of businesses interested in our solutions for our beta product.

The infrastructure is built from scratch to accommodate easy customization through our superadmin panel + the scale of their business with thoroughly picked up technologies on the backend.

For the end-users, we took months to design our app’s user interface (UI) and UX. And thankfully most of the community has applauded our designs efforts. We have and will continue to invest more in the design system to flourish this social commerce concept not just on products/services but also crowd feedbacks, crowdfunding, etc in the coming years.

Here’s why Tradly API can help you/your clients

✔ You’ll not need to manage servers/db, write business/commerce logics. It’s pre-built
✔ Not just fundamental features but also advanced commerce features are available in the SuperAdmin
✔ We do provide starter Kits for ReactJs, React Native, Flutter, etc
✔ You’ll save time by not developing front end from scratch and still can customise.
✔ Your platform is future-proof with API first, and scalable solution.
✔ You’ll get new product features releases every quarter and alpha releases every week.

Resources to build, launch and grow marketplaces