B2C Simple Shop Storefront


Tradly Team

Using this template, you can launch single shop (B2C) storefront with cart, shipping and multiple payment options.


FAQ about Templates

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  • A template is built with use case in mind. A template is simply a collection of feature blocks, text strings, and user flow defined for the specific use case. A grocery marketplace might be different from a fashion marketplace. However, the 80% of the underlying architecture is the same. We remove the unwanted components and add the relevant components inside the template. Hence, it’s easy for you to use it.

  • Register for a free account if you have not registered yet. You need to click the `duplicate` or `Apply button to get the template under your app.
    For existing users: You can use APPLY template. APPLY template will only change the template and not update the contents.

  • Yes, you can customise the template by going inside the [Template Editor](https://tradly.app/editor)

  • No, you do not need to know coding. Templates are meant for no-coders to start running the project without any bottlenecks. You can customise and setup the marketplace through SuperAdmin and Editor

  • You will not be able to use the hosted templates for code level changes. However, you can use our [open source GitHub repositories to fork and change](https://github.com/TRADLY-PLATFORM)

  • Yes, you can create your own template. You can create your own template by forking Open source starter kits and use the components to build templates. Or You create your own from scratch on any front end frameworks you like using [Tradly SDK](https://www.npmjs.com/package/tradly). You can contribute to our open source or sell as a paid template itself in Tradly https://marketplace.tradly.app.

  • If you have launched the project using our pre-built templates, it is hosted under our servers at no cost. But if you are building your own templates, we are not responsible for hosting.

  • No, the mobile app code base is currently sold as code and it is not part of the Subscription Package. Mobile App Offering is Add on from 2023. You can buy the code and use it to speed up the launch. This pre-built apps are meant as a start. We developed this as some of our clients are stuck in the development forever, so we want them to build and sell as a code, so they launch and validate the idea. We are 100% sure by learning from experience, we can never satisfy in terms of design or UX. So providing clients a option to buy the code if they are on budget or develop their own when they have a bigger budget.

  • Yes, You can get the code customised through us or from the Partner Development agencies we can suggest. Remember everything that takes additional customisation, is charged. Through our experience, we like to recommend both parties agreed on anything before the sale happens through a example UI to make sure both party aligned.

  • If you have purchased the one-time codebase, you will receive the codebase in a Zip file. It is suggested that you hire a freelance developer to customise the code you purchased from the marketplace, or that you have an internal development team for the front end customisation.

  • 3 Months of bug fixing and verbal support to the developers you have. We will not bug fix on your codebase, we will fix from the SOURCE code we are selling to you. and Deliver the updated code to you. Similarly if your developers are facing challenges to understand the code, we can setup a 1:1 call with our developer to explain them how the code is structured, etc. This is only after buying the codebase. No wastage of anyone time.

  • The paid app templates are meant to be affordable. Also, give people the option of owning the front end code and customising it to their specifications. We don't charge a hefty 5K or 10K or 25K or 100K. The prices are meant to support everyone in the world. However, if you still think this is costly to you, let's have a chat.

  • Do check this [integration page](/integrations?category_id=5789) for up to date informations. if You need other payment gateways, contact us to discuss more about it.