B2C Simple Shop Storefront

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Tradly Team

Using this template, you can launch single shop (B2C) storefront with cart, shipping and multiple payment options.


FAQ about Templates

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  • A template built with single use case in mind. A template is simply a collection of components, layouts, text strings, and user flow defined for the specific use case. A grocery marketplace might be different from a fashion marketplace. However, the 80% of the underlying architecture is the same. We remove the unwanted components and add the relevant components inside the template. Hence, it’s easy for you to use it.

  • First you need to click the duplicate button to get the template under your app.
    For existing users: As of now, you can use APPLY template. APPLY template will only change the template and not update

  • Yes, you can. You need to fork from GitHub repository and find the template name inside root/template folder. And then you can change whatever you like.

  • Yes, you can create your own template. You can create your own template by simply forking Open source starter kits and use the components to build templates. Or You create your own from scratch on any front end frameworks you like. You can contribute to our open source or sell as a paid template itself in Tradly marketplace.tradly.app.

  • Yes, You can get the code customised through us or from the Partner Development agencies we can suggest. Remember everything that takes additional customisation, is charged. Through our experience, we like to recommend both parties agreed on anything before the sale happens through a example UI to make sure both party aligned

  • No, even if you pay for customisation through Tradly Internal Development, you will not own the additional customised code. We take 10% or more of the total cost because we do not charge like a typical development. The goal is to assist future clients like you. The code continues to mature. Second, there is a good chance that what you are asking will be asked again in the future. In that case, it may be obvious that we are selling your code. So, let us not give a chance to a trust issue. It is suggested that you hire a freelance developer to customise the code you purchased from us, or that you have an internal development team for the front end team.

  • The paid app templates are meant to be affordable. Also, give people the option of owning the front end code and customising it to their specifications. We don't charge a hefty 5K or 10K. The prices are meant to support everyone in the world. However, if you still think this is costly to you, let's have a chat.

  • Our Payment Provider(stripe or local gateway) accept all major credit and debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. We also accept annual invoiced payments and bank transfers for customers on the Business plan.

  • Our packages are mostly designed based on customer support. We follow a simple policy to charge more only if we use our resources(we value everybody's time). In 90% of the cases, we don't have feature restrictions in our pricing packages or what we sell. You always get the most updated code base at the time of the sale. The web templates are pre-made, but we try to make them flexible as much as we can. We are open to new feature requests. But if there is something you need drastically, it will not be possible to be customisable from your end. Better take the open source front-end apps we have and get freelance developers to customise them for you to have full control over your front-end apps. We aren't able to provide customer support for community packages, so if you need help troubleshooting, you'll want to ask for help on our community forum.