Social Commerce

In the last 10years, Most businesses define social commerce as being only on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. They are just off-site social commerce options. The true social commerce that will grow your user community and bring a brand following is on-site social features.

Thanks to some of the pioneers like the Depop, Poshmark who shown us a different way of shopping.

Relationship first, commerce second.

Any business model you launch with Tradly infrastructure will always give you the true onsite social features.

  • allowing your community to follow each other and start relationship
  • Motivating the community to show the positivity by likes
  • Improving the relationship with in-built private chat
  • Reviews and ratings from community to increase trust
  • Upcoming Groups feature that allow user to create different groups from their side
  • Plus things like wish list sharing, etc.

Not crush, but love.

  • Instead of having the one time transactional relationship, always in touch with profile following
  • Don’t need to spend money to being in a relationship

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