Looking to build a seeds marketplace and apps? Here is the toolkit to launch any marketplace that requires no coding using Tradly Platform.

It has a simple user interface to build any marketplace like Seeds marketplace and can be controlled every function with ease in the SuperAdmin panel (dashboard). It is a complete white label solution…

The marketplace can be built on any platform, whether it is Android or iOS. Along with this option, you also get a web app template to get started.

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Here is an example of how you can configure the catalog, listing fields in your marketplace…

Seeds Marketplace

Listing Categories

FoodSome of the crops are turned into feed and fed to animals, which then produce dairy products like milk or are turned into food for humans or other animals.Vegetables

Herbs and spices
Tea and coffee beverage plants | | Fuel | Agricultural products can also be used to produce fuel. | Corn
Palm oil | | Fiber | Fiber crops include cotton (one of the top 10 crops produced in the U.S. every year), wool, and silk. | Apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries
Exotic fruits
Dark-colored vegetables | | Raw Materials | Raw materials are products not refined or processed for use in one of the other categories. | Raw Latex
Crude Oil
Coal |