Is the stripe Hong Kong Stripe Fees for the marketplace confusing to you? Here are some examples to give you the clarity to avoid any mistakes. The below examples suit if you are running a marketplace platform, subscription billing, and custom two-sided logic.

Example of companies which falls under this model are Amazon, Instacart, Lyft, Deliveroo, Postmates, Etsy, Depop, etc

Stripe Products available in HK

  • Stripe Payments
  • Also, has Stripe Connect ( Standard, Express, Custom)
  • And Stripe Billing for subscriptions business model
  • Other products which are not applicable for us

Definitions to understand

  • Payment Charges: These are the charges which incurred for every initial payment between a user/buyer credit card/wallet to platform Stripe account (not payout or any other separate charge methods)
  • Transfers: Transfer jobs run by TradlyPlatform 3times a day to transfer
    • Transfers jobs are payments to sellers log, Commission to Platform stripe, Payments to service provider like delivery boy.
    • The transfer is just a notification and a log update that all this charges are done splitting and send to respective destinations.
  • Payouts: Payout job initiated by TradlyPlatform to Stripe.
    • Then once the payout happens, seller will be able to see his balance in his MY SALES Page
    • Then Stripe will takes its time to send the balance to seller bank account (usually 2-7days) depends on country. Check with stripe support
    • Similar like Seller, Platform owner will be able to see his balance in his own balance. And can release his payout. Still stripe will take time to send the money to platform owner account
    • Same procedures for Delivery boy as well

How Tradly and Stripe works together

The flow of Stripe Charges, Payout, and Tradly Triggers

Stripe Payment Processing Fee

- Charges 0.4% + HK$2.35 per successful card charge

Charges settled in USD will instead incur a fee of 3.4% + 50¢ per successful charge.+2% if currency conversion is required

Stripe Payout Charges for marketplaces

Tradly supports standard and express but the marketplace needs Express because it allows “Separate Charges and Transfer” logic.

HK$15 per monthly active account

An account is active in any month payouts are sent to their bank account or debit card. Includes ongoing onboarding, verification, and compliance.

0.25% + HK$5 per payout sent

Stripe Payout Charges.

Time taken for different steps

  • Payment Charges (Immediately seen in your account but will not be added in balances, it takes 2-5days)
  • Transfers (Immediate if you have positive balance)
  • Payout (Payout will take another 2-5days depends on the bank)

Example calculation

Use this sheet if you want to do your own calculation

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