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A Fleet Platform for

A simple & Easy way to launch your Fleet Operations.

A Super Simple way to onboard your stores/storage points, location, drivers and vehicles. Special App for your Drivers. And you can manage your biz from the SuperAdmin

“Looking to streamline your delivery and pickup solutions for your on-demand and last mile business?”

- Break the technology barrier, now you can launch your own fleet systems - Maintain your loyal customers stick with your business - Save margin on delivery and platform commission charged by aggregators - Build your delivery team while scaling your business. - Go for a hybrid model by identifying the peak areas and serve with your delivery operation. And use 3rd Party deliveries for extended reach

Why Tradly Platform

Deploy in days

Test your business idea, add your branding assets. Launch in a matter of days to test your ideas.

Focus on Growth

Tradly make it easier for your growth marketing team to have important marketing and analytical tools installed.

Less Risk

Without building a tech team to build something and unexpected situations. ​Experience first with our test apps and show to your users

NEW FEATURES every month

All the fundamental market features are pre-built. And new stable features are getting released every month.

Simple to Advanced

Evolving toolkits. Simple pre-built templates. Blocks based feature to customize the page. Advanced No-code Editor to customize CSS. Webhooks, Open API, JS SDK for developers.

Social features pre-built

Make your platform sticky. Social media like features. Tags.

SuperAdmin Panel

Manage CMS

Control what you information you need when user signup, create multi vendor accounts, add listings.

Run Business

Quick Reports, Add Collections of Listings, Promotions, Discounts Coupons, Manage users/accounts/listings, Finance Operations.

Setup your Project

Customize emails, Payments, Shipments/Service, Revenue Model, Variants, etc


Manage Projects.

Switch between multiple Projects, Add Multiple Domains for a single project. Add custom domain.

Layers. Integrations. Templates

Add Blogs, System Pages to your platform from workspace. Manage Integrations. Change Templates

Expand Business

Role Based Access Control(RBAC). Add/Remove Webhooks for Zapier.

No-code Editor

Manage Design System

Apply the rules one global styling and applied everywhere. Color, Typography, Border, Shadow, etc. Customize your pages using block based

Pages & Blocks

Customize the system designed pages using block based builder. Build more Dynamic pages using the Editor

CSS and Rules

Customize each blocks using CSS Styles option with no-code. Apply rules for each block based on screen, user login level, order type, etc.


Pre-built integrations for your team.

Tradly provides a blend of integrations, including native integrations and connectors that open up additional possibilities. Your marketing, product, and other teams can leverage these integrations from day one without investing excessive time in reinventing the wheel

Any Apps

Launch wherever you want.

We prioritize Customer Choice, offering flexibility in app types (web, mobile, tablet, desktop, or custom). Through extensive POC, we've crafted a modular API, design components, text strings, and a versatile front-end stack, enabling your app to thrive across various platforms.

Custom Development

Require a be-spoke solution from us?

Let's work with your design agency, and our partner development agencies to build front end apps from scratch. Full flexibility and planned timeline for a custom big project.

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Simple and FREE. Launch your project today!

- Launch Marketplaces, Online Storefronts, Booking Apps, Classifieds, Directories, Partner Portals, App Stores, etc.
- Tradly pricing starts with ZERO. You pay only when you grow.
- Free No-code Integrations, No-Code Editor