Dreaming of building social C2C marketplace app like Depop, Wallapop, Letgo, OfferUp, ShPock? You are in the right place.

There are visionaries like you who want to bring their ideas into reality to life. SaaS technology solutions like the Tradly platform have made this really easy. The era of the platform-based business has begun in this 21st century disrupting every product type or service into a new economy model.

The first famous stint was with Apple App Store where it allowed people to buy apps and also sell apps, by connecting multi sides like developers and end-users. And in the last 10years, the fashion industry has seen its own disruption with marketplace like Depop, OfferUp, and ShPock.

We believe you would have a similar vision of having a platform by building a social C2C marketplace app. But getting that idea into a website or a mobile app takes a significant amount of resources from the idea stage to reality. Now the technology and developers have developed lots of open sources, SAAS, and Licence based solutions for the websites but in mobile apps, there is a very limited number of options.

We had this same concern before like you and realized there were no solutions. So we have built our app and we don’t want to stop there. We want to partner and help visionaries like you to bring their ideas to life with less technical work on your side to build the app. You can focus more of their time on reaching their vision to people and increase the adoption of the app.

DREAMS becomes Reality when you START

Tradly pricing is simple and starts with ZERO, you pay only when you grow

  • Saves your time on developing the app from the scratch
  • Saves your time on thinking and shaping each development module with different departments ( Business analyst, Designers, Engineers, Marketers requirements, Operation, etc)
  • Saves the time you need to spend on every quality check and bug fixing
  • Imagine the time you need to share the app with your network and early adopters to test the feature , design and functionality
  • You need to setup a analytics for your app
  • Install virality growth tools inside the app
  • Setup an email system
  • You need to choose the right infrastructure
  • It’s not straightforward like building a website, App ecosystem is much more complicated than we can imagine. But if you have a minimum of 5 team members , you can build IT from the scratch using the significant budget you have.
  • But with Tradly platform, all this can be saved with the super quality app and affordable solutions.

How much does it cost to develop a fashion Marketplace App?

If you go with your development agency, they will charge you for a quality app ranging from $15,000 to $45,000 for all platforms (Android App, iOS app, Website) + You might need to spend time designing the features, testing, and implementing other marketing tools to grow your business.

And sometimes you just want to validate your idea to see whether it works with minimal cost. Imagine you can just validate your idea with ZERO $ investment? And with all the features pre-built to get into the market within days?

Resources to build, launch and grow marketplaces

DREAMS becomes Reality when you START

Tradly pricing is simple and starts with ZERO, you pay only when you grow