The demand for building an on-demand grocery delivery is very high…

Buymie, Crisp, Grocemania, LolaMarket, Picnic, Bring!, Oddbox, La Belle Vie, and GoodClub are some of the emerging on-demand grocery delivery and Supermarket apps in Europe. With Covid, they are growing very fast than before plus receiving fresh funding as well.

If executed well, the on-demand grocery market and local delivery can be a huge business in 2-3years. There will be always monopoly businesses like Deliveroo, Uber, etc but there is always a niche market that is not served by them.

Identifying them needs a lot of observation of the offline markets, listening to the customers, and also looking at the landscape(similar) players. Once you identified and plan your growth strategies accordingly, you will win. As everybody says we need the speed of execution and persistence.

How to build a grocery delivery app?

So if you are considering building an on-demand delivery app and online supermarket app, you can do it in multiple ways (find more resources on the footer). but if you are looking for the best SaaS solution for on-demand grocery delivery or just supermarket app, explore what Tradly Platform can help you to launch your startup business in a matter of days

Let’s go through what are the components needed to build a supermarket app

Features for both sellers and Buyers

Easy onboarding of users

Advanced Catalog Management

Flexibility on how you onboard your sellers

Customisable Collections Widgets

Hero Banners sections

Reviewing the products and Stores

Resources to build, launch and grow marketplaces