If you would like to build your start-up like classpass, etc for kids learning or event-based platforms, this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.
Here is why: My name is JK. I try to launch new startup idea with limited money in my pocket. It’s mere dollars I had, So I always need to find the affordable solution to launch my marketplace. That’s why I developed Tradly Platform as a SaaS business with my team to build an affordable platform builder. Our marketplace is well-developed for product(like Etsy) and some time ago, we need to develop a class pass similar solution for a client. But actually, we didn’t have a visual proof to show that customers can use our platform to build an event marketplace with Tradly.

Then, one day, We came up with a “crazy idea” that we will design(UI/UX) a similar platform like classpass, code the app and open source it. Are we crazy to open source instead of selling it for price? Fewer Pros and More Cons. But We decided to proceed with open source as it can impact positively to the education sector. Within a month, we released the MPV 1 and then from there on we start to release updates every week. This continuous effort has made our app code base into one of the best free code we have given so far. This must be exciting for you.

To make the process easier and simplified, we developed this front end apps in React Native(iOS, Android and multiple Screens) on top of Tradly API. We named it “Wolverine”

And it’s available in Github (LINK)

Event Marketplace App like Classpass


To Developers

This should be no Brainer for you. Our read me in GitHub does explain how to clone, and run locally before building.

Our API and UI layer are separate (continuous improvement happening), so this should be easy for you to customise the UI. We did add appearance configuration API in the code, so you can do limited customisation of the app from SuperAdmin. If not, you know what to do😀.

If not developer or don’t want technical works every month

If you are not a developer, you might not know how to use GitHub, setup android studio, Xcode to prepare the final build. And also when there is any urgent things to be changed or fixed, you may need developer help.

You may hire freelance developers or just our monthly maintenance subscription package where we charge $99/mo/android or $99/mo/iOS

This package includes

  • Preparing the on-demand build generation for you (only the code from our repository, not from the forked repository)
  • Adding provisioning profiles or android keys in the code and maintain that for you every month
  • Any bugs arising from the existing code

We are open to discuss if you have unique situations to handle.