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January Product Updates

Monday, January 18, 2021
JK Baseer

Thanks for being great support to us with patience and feedbacks to improve the ecosystem. Every suggestions you give us always help your fellow entreprenuers as well.

Here is update for January so far:

  1. Attributes enhancement (public-private, file attachment attribute)
  2. Account Approval is live on production

Note: If you want to activate this feature, let us know on slack for now. We will add this into SuperAdmin settings soon.

Account Approval

As a marketplace operators, you will be able to do a KYC process before approving stores to be shown in the marketplace. A bigger marketplace wants to regulate everything happening in it’s business

  • Marketplace owner able to approve a store in superadmin panel similar to our existing listing approval
  • You can activate auto approval or manual approval based on your performance
  • Until the store is activated, a seller account will not be visible in the marketplace from feed to search
  • A seller will have a label in his shop to see the account approval status

Attribute Enhancement

Every new attribute type is an opportunity for marketplace to increase user experience

  • Now you can get file attachment on account level or listing level. This will help you to do activities from KYC process to simple file verification
  • You can make attribute as private or public. Use cases like private data you want to gather from accounts/storeowners