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2021Q1 Product Updates

Sunday, April 25, 2021
JK Baseer

As a lean startup, we are evolving every day, being open to changes in customer expectation to industry needs. We believe all of our success and customer success depends on the continuous improvement on everything we do. We are experimenting different things, reflecting on and making changes accordingly.


It’s been a wonderful quarter, We are able to move lot of things from manual to automated. Thanks to the team for their consistent energy making every dream a reality. They were able to do because of the patience and support from our customers.

New DIY SuperAdmin release

Automation was one of our top 3 quarterly priorities. This is going to tremendously helpful to our customers. You do not rely on with us for many small changes or even signing up a new sandbox account with us, we have got the fundamentals ready now. There is still lot of things to be done. However this is a good start that we are able to reach this point. This is something we envisioned. All of us are happy that it’s partially live.

Get ready for the SuperAdmin and expect a surprising bugs as well 😁😁 because we are still in beta.

How to access? Go to or with the same credentials you have before. Or signup a new account on the sandbox itself. (Not mobile responsive as of now)


Old Process vs New SuperAdmin


What’s next?

We are only 15% of what we have planned. The next few weeks will receive regular updates

  • Stabilising the beta release of the new SuperAdmin
  • Transferring the pending features from the old SuperAdmin(v1) to the New(v2)
  • Automation of build request from dashboard itself (This might take months though)

New Community Forum

We have been carefully thought about connecting with our customers and community on private channel (Slack) vs Public Community ( We have gone ahead by launching the early version of our public community forum. Comparing with Private, Public contributes to one of our values being an open (platform). Now anybody can join in the platform, ask questions, help each other, discuss our roadmaps, etc.

Private Support Portal

Everything that is confidential, build request, feature request, bug submission for paid customers will be done through our Support System (Puffin). The customers are onboarded into Support Portal once they become paid customer.

Averagely more than 80% of the tickets per client we have received whether it’s bug or enhancements has been completed per client

Core Platform Updates:

We are sharing regular updates (even weekly) on what is released on API and mobile apps in our Changelog. So we will be continuing there. We are considering to move this to our community channel or our status management system to make sure our customers like you get updates on what is ready for them to activate.