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2020Q4 Product Updates

Tuesday, December 1, 2020
JK Baseer

Listening to wonderful entrepreneurs out is one of the happiest moment we have every day. We listen to their feedbacks, their plans, doubts, etc. We are working towards solving each goal aggressively 😎

  The last quarter of 2020 was a promising one which gave us signal on what’s working, what’s not and what need to be enhanced as well. This is achieved through two level of performance tracking. We improved our sentry implementation to identify different logs in front end apps and same way identifying issues in our backend API/database performance. Other than that dozen of feature releases to activate! 

  1. Improved store profile pages to increase engagement between your seller and buyer 👩‍🎨
  2. Store reviews is live ⭐️
  3. Promo banner enhancement 🏙
  4. API Status 💹
  5. Stability improvements through advanced log collection
  6. Slack Community Channel 💬

Improved store profile pages

The purpose behind to enhance this profile is to increase visibility of users and allow them to engage

  • “About us” section can provide more informations about a store.
  • Marketplace operators can add additional fields on account/store creation to increase the trust of buyers about a seller
  • Direct chat : Allowing a chat directly from a store leads your users to contact sellers. A new chat means new engagement thus increasing the user retention by keep visiting the app
  • Share button: Now the share button is more visible. Which will allow organic share of a certain stores by the users thus increasing new users
  • Store Active and Inactive: Your sellers can now make a store active or inactive based on their business hours, vacation time or even they want to shut down for a while. This way your store operators can enjoy DND and also you can avoid sellers being churned
  • Reviews and Ratings explicitly show on store profiles

Store reviews

Your users can submit reviews of a seller stores/orders, etc.

  • Your users can submit reviews of a store with details and photo of their experience Coming soon:
  • Marketplace operators able to see the reviews in SuperAdmin
  • Marketplace operators able to see the details of a store Id with review scroll. Thus using the store ID, they can create custom collection widget on app home pages.

Promo Banner Enhancement

Adding to the existing way of have promo banner as static and listing as destination. Now

  • You can use external URL as a destination (Example: sending them to a FAQ Page)
  • You can use store ID as a destination. This helps you to promote a particular store.

API Status Tracking 

Now you can track our servers reliability if you are in doubt about the performance of API.

  • This status tracker provides if there is any issues in our API reliability, performance, etc
  • You can subscribe to the status tracker if you want to get update about maintenance updates, etc


  This is what we have on production and dozens of other product developments are happening in our TradlyPlatform ecosystem. One of the drastic improvement we are making is improving our SuperAdmin Panel. Stay Tuned!

You can test this features using sandbox apps with tenantID like ‘tradlysocial’ or ‘luxuryfashion’